Post Reply Why is season 1 or 2 of hajime no ippo not on your site but season 3 is?
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Posted 3/29/18 , edited 3/30/18
i love this anime and there's no place that streams it legally, please put the other seasons on it
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Posted 3/29/18 , edited 3/29/18
Licensing something legally is complicated. It's not like you can just go to a handy video store where they have them all on tap, and order one to go...The original series was released almost 18 years ago, before legal streaming was even considered a viable venue. Original producers wouldn't have even thought to include contract language with the content originators to include distributing it that way. The sequel came out 9 years later (~2009), right about the time that CR went legit, and even if they thought about it, producers still would have been very wary. The third series CR does have is from 4 years after that in 2013, when provisions could be written in at the time of release.

Excerpted from this article:

When an anime is produced, the producer has to engage in all sorts of contracts -- with the original creator, with the director, with the writers, with the musicians, with the talent, and with whoever else contributed money to the production. These contracts make them forever obligated to these people. Whenever a new opportunity comes along for that show, be it an international licensing deal, a new DVD or Blu-ray release in Japan, a streaming or TV deal or whatever else, all of those people have to be paid royalties, and some of those people have to be consulted. Some even get to sign off on the deal.

For older shows, or shows that were made without proper producer oversight, some of those contracts don't cover modern things like streaming. Some don't even cover the use of the work internationally. Those people (or their next of kin) then have to be tracked down and a new contract has to be agreed upon and signed with them. In the case of some of the master agreements with the creator, sometimes there's even an expiration date, after which the creator can completely kill any further release of the show, as if it never existed.

I'm not claiming to know that's exactly what happened for this specific show (and a whole lot of others), but it seems to me to be the most likely explanation; Occam's Razor and all that...
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