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Posted 3/30/18 , edited 3/30/18
So I actually came to terms with never finding another alternative. Something I was willing to get, something I was willing to use. It would have been nice to just seal it away, but I deserve to watch it in all its glory.

Box Set 1 of Fate Zero. My first half of the purchase, and knowing exactly what I was getting myself into. $300 CAD which is probably the best I was going to get for brand new. Is the price worth it? The packaging is flawless. 7 disc, 13 episodes, 1 for full soundtrack 1, 1 for bonus features and footage, an art book with sketches and frame work, visuals, etc. All 7 command seals on the back of each disc cover, which I will personally use for reference. Though everything is in Japanese, I got it for the English Subtitles, but there is a translated booklet going in depth on the entire process which is cool. In all honesty looking at everything, you can't put a price on it and expect it to be fair for both parties, but it seems to be bearable

I had to open it, I feel bad though there was no way I could resist. I hope it will last a long time, seeing it with no interruptions up on a 4k tv, unreal

The second half is on order for $350. So a total of 650$. 150 more than what I actually wanted to spend, but I will be enjoying it for 10 years, even more. As long as I take care of it.

The final... To finish my Journey, I must get a Tatto of EK Sabers Command seal from fate Zero. Now I see a lot of people getting anime tattos, so I don't see the issue. Like I would feel that I am being disrespectful by getting one? IDK. I have been planning it for a couple years. Right arm on the wrist instead of the top of the hand, and from there it would do some crazy linking on the forearm. I mean I had an artist do a commission for me for a character from Fate Zero, so this would basically be the exact same, except permanently on my body.

Just thought I'd share
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Posted 3/30/18 , edited 3/30/18
The only tattoo I disapprove of is Fairy Tail, it's an anime that's "okay" in my book, but to get a tattoo of their guild symbol? Nah.

I always thought of a good idea for anime tattoo were things that involved crossovers.
Maybe Gilgamesh and Char Aznable LOL

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