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Posted 3/30/18 , edited 3/31/18
I have no training in Japanese.

But I love the shows I watch in Japanese with subtitles, not just because of the music or voice acting (which has to be good or I won't continue to watch it), but because the language sounds very nice a lot of the time.

But I don't understand really any of it?

So anyways, the goal here is *not* to learn Japanese, and I'm *not* suggesting that people use Anime as a proper way to learn a language (it is most definitely not), but have any of you ever been inspired to try to really 'comprehend' your favorite scene or anime song?

I don't mean that you memorized the lyrics, but that you actually went out of your way to map the sounds that you hear to the kanji/katakana and really made an effort to think in what you're hearing.

Obviously, there's the crutch that it is already translated for you.

Like I said, this isn't a serious attempt to learn the language, not do I really want to (to be honest learning a language can be one of the most dull things you ever do, since learning it usually gears you towards learning how to 'survive' in Japan, not in terms of some interesting things to understand.

I actually would never want to go to Japan - they have enough problems and its not some panacea happy place.

But despite that its like if you have something you really love you want to try to understand it more, right?

The idea is as follows:

Use this thread to post your translation of a song/scene, as well as the 'literal' translation (ignoring grammar). Perhaps it might be fun, and enrich your enjoyment of any particular show. Without requiring you to actually translate the whole thing or actually be able to translate Japanese.

I've had some success so far with Button from ReLIFE - I've only gotten a very short way in but it is so satisfying to have a vague idea of what is actually being said (and then translating from the literal to the translated english form) versus just hearing it.


P.S. May want to keep translations etc. down to a minimum anyways, I don't want any legal attention for just trying to understand things better.

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Posted 3/30/18 , edited 3/31/18
To start off, here's what I have so far:

T: Y'know, that narrow path uphill... that summer vacation...
R: nee, anna ni tooi to kanjita
L: Hey, very much far it feels
K: ねえ あんなに 遠い と 感じた

T: Felt oh so far away.
L: path uphill also, summer vacation also
R: hosoi noborizaka mo natsu yasumi mo
K: 細い 上り坂 も 夏休み も

T: I'm sure you'd say there's not much difference,
L: little it seems ?
R: wazuka to omoundarou ga
K: 僅か と 思うんだろう か

Thoughts so far - the literal translation is far more poetic, moreover I can directly imagine the meaning while the song is being sung. It makes it so much more meaningful to me.
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