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Posted 3/30/18 , edited 3/31/18
Sakuracon 2018

My friend bought a $60 dollar surprise bag, that was told there was things inside and all of the bags were different. We were pleasantly surprised with the amount of things and what it was (including backpack it came in, worth probably ~$70). I was excited and hopeful for what else could be in one, so my other friend and I bought two more.

We bought three total and they were all the same. I asked to exchange mine, and the new one was the exact same, but the worker said he got it from a new box (and I believe him!). If we had known it was all the same, would have only bought one. I'm really disappointed.

Did anyone buy any? Did you get Trunks, Sailor Mars and Barnaby (plus gundum, DBZ and a doremon thing)? If so, warning, they're all the same!

If people got different ones, how much bad luck do we have?

(No refunds were offered)
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