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Posted 4/1/18 , edited 4/1/18
Sorry guys, I'm running a bit low on time, so I'm gonna make this as quick as I can, and maybe come back and add more L8er depending on your thoughts. So without further ado.

I really liked this episode as it is basically the first episode to go away from individual character's backstory and development, and move more into the main story's plot.

I also liked the fact that we finally get to see where the kids came from, and what was happening there now. I'm still confused of whether or not those kids that looked just like the ones we see everyday, are clones, or just flash backs, IDK, it seemed like there was some evidence pointing in both directions.

Finally I'm going to end it by saying, although I didn't enjoy seeing it, we did get to see some of who ZeroTwo is behind that mask she hides herself with. We also get to see that there is probably some sort of connection between Zero and Hiro in the past that we are going to see some more of very soon, and Hiro obviously doesn't remember.

Anywho, those are my thoughts.

3...2...1.. DISCUSS!
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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/4/18
Ok i have to be honest here. Please dont take this the wrong way @Master Brewer. The "forum-opener" as i like to call them always made a little recap of the episode its about.

I know you've been busy and school life can be a lot of stress. I made my post of Episode 10 at 3am and i wasnt satisfied with my post at all. Because of that i editet it the next day to put a couple of pictures into it and give it some colour. Your post isnt bad at all. Im just saying that it is a bit short and lacks the usual recap that we did in the previous "forum-openers".

Anyway.. just some constructive criticism.

About the episode tho.

Zero-Two's horns and nails growing scares me a bit.. I mean she wants to be human but has to go trough this "tranformation".

And the part about Hiro possibly having lost his memory about the experiments and him already having met Zero-Two in her "Oni"-Form? Maybe even forcibly removed from his memories. I can't even imagine how he is going to think about APE and PAPA after he discovers this.

When they mantioned that Hiro could possibly turn into something that cant be called human anymore genetically. I really hope they wont give him horns too. The usual "Akaoni" and Aooni" thing is in too many animes nowadays. I like japanese mythology but its been used so many times now.

What will Ichigo do about this tho? She was the one talking with Nine alpha and learned of her actual nature. I really hope that Ichigo wont be getting in the way of Zero-Two and get hurt or something.

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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/4/18
Quick thing I wanted to point out about the character design

the males have a Y on their shirt (for Y chromosome)

and the females have an X (for X chromosome)

Everyone wears these two versions except zerotwo and the members of the Iota
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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/4/18
ok man lost all my damn work so gonna be while.... again! great posts though Komodo, Mb and Buying.

i have taken in all the subtle feelings, plot points and foreshadowing... so will be while until i complete what i wanted again.. i may say fukz it and do something else than write alot of shit or some pics. i will condense it more as i did .

unless you all want the full on long of it XD

you got it good though buying! it all is adding up well.

-Komodo damn you trying to make him cry? are you? :O lol you told him his stuff was basic sh*t not worth it.... XD
jk but yeah he most likely has some things going on so hey i noticed we all been busy this week too
I know i am.
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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/4/18
Ok writing this up again! Hell i gotta stress that always have drafts saved and making sure your going to have backups is key here

First off we see the Group with Hiro and this feeling of this place is damn sketch going on here...
We see the walls of the Garden and the main structure... i love how this series is getting darker and more intense.. damn right.

And he basically says again that he don't care about his past or what his origins are..
Just btw it is Extremely Important ,
His memory and past are all directly linked to the fate of the World and all Humans...
also his beautiful Zerotwo,
His team also!

This wanting to be in the moment and live it to the fullest is good to have this in mind,
Though you have to find out... man you are so much deeper into this .
but that is about to change he is going to get a fire stuck under his ass soon and the situation has something to do with zerotwo.
He needs to recover himself and not fight his past, reconcile his own self, rise and help Zerotwo ,
She has been helping him even from the beginning and no lie he has too definitely ,
But she has pushed him hard to be like his old self.

I do see Hiro changing by the end of this yet.... he will become like he was
Something is just not right about the whole thing, This is too damn important.... Hiro for obvious reasons as we have learned you have so much potential and you was the leader of all the parasites in the Garden.
Can't forget about him being deemed a special research interest also.
Zerotwo will be alright... i know it.
Though she is going to be shaking the foundations of this place and the world very soon along with Hiro.

If anyone wants my true theories or opinion then voice me up on Discord... I can't write a damn book here lol.
We will have our talks there.

One thing i knew would be important is this book... called "The Golden Bough"
And it is a real world book and fits in perfectly with the plant theme.
You can read about it here it is excellently explained more how it fits.
I knew i had to look for that name and yeah many people are talking about it

(Komodo you was right Thanks! The plants are the key)
Kind of funny this is the same website too

Anyways that book also went into Theology and studies of many different cultures and faiths.
Also... To what is original sin?
I have to ask this as it does come up in this series... maybe more than you may think about and not the same meanings.

Here also is something to note.
What if the place where Zerotwo is at in the Garden library.. ( we know it is different place than the Garden sector where the children are)
was the wrong place she was looking? and all along it was the main Garden area in Ichigo and Hiro's memories?
Where he had the books at with her.

Or that book could have been removed long ago who knows for now.
Doc Franxx is another thing... and i will speak on that on discord later.

Now his next piece is something else.... spectacular i must say! i have wanted to see what this book said...
Remember during the time when Hiro and Zerotwo had the connection and the saurification process was starting,
The scene showed a book with a blue hand and some pictures with all Japanese text in it.
Well that has been translated partially

And it all fits with what has been going on ..... something of a story based on Zerotwo? who created this story?
Will we ever know

As for some theories i have had... well one video does make reference to somethings, ( not that all in it i agree with yet)
but it does match somethings i have felt and noticed.
what if this was a huge part of the story?

I will be posting more but i need to finish some things, not that anything else is more important that this forum <3 i promise

I just felt this was all important to leave you all with now I will be looking forward to your posts here and i will return after i finish some work.
Best Trust On That!

I know this is much shorter and not in depth as usual but i will save that for now.. and post some pics soon.
that and i did not want to add such redundant stuff to my posts.. come on we all know alot of the obvious stuff i don't need to repeat it.

see you all later tonight!
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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/4/18
Wow you got a lot of new info for us to chew on there @Lunis :O

And @Buying i never noticed that.. i always thought of Gurren Lagann with Kaminas red sunglasses when seeing the uniforms red symbols

I love you guys for bringing up all this new info all the time! I bet i wouldnt understand half of the series without your posts on here.

(Had to use this gif somewhere since i wasted too much time making it while tinkering around with Photoshop lol)
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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/5/18

Speedkomodo wrote:

Wow you got a lot of new info for us to chew on there @Lunis :O

And @Buying i never noticed that.. i always thought of Gurren Lagann with Kaminas red sunglasses when seeing the uniforms red symbols

I love you guys for bringing up all this new info all the time! I bet i wouldnt understand half of the series without your posts on here.

(Had to use this gif somewhere since i wasted too much time making it while tinkering around with Photoshop lol)

ayy look at that photoshop gif flex. great work boi
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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/5/18
Ok i am going to start diving back in and write up a report on some things i have not mentioned yet, including some things that i have said before but not into a greater detail ,
As well as i am adding some info that as the series had progressed has been attached to the said knowledge-base/theory.

One thing to note is look at the relationship between Nana and Zerotwo... as an intermediary and "Handler" now if you all don't know already what this means in terms of "hierarchy and military complex terms" ( though that is loosely biased right now though i can confirm what it truly means for Zerotwo.. )

Simply put a "handler" is anyone assigned reign or given control through "manipulation tactics" thats are subtle at times or overt , though most are not aware of their selves in this situation Ex: the exploited person or group , Though for me Zerotwo clearly knows what has been going on,
but she has been so out of it lately as all this stress and abuse is adding up ,
she is about to enter a code situation.
( more on that later as it can get complex and i am not sure that most here know what i am speaking about)

I am speaking in deep code upon some things that could be considered "Military Assets"
Now for me i have been observing well what has been going on, and Nana herself has so much she is responsible for.... though i will
add more on that subject later too.
I am still viewing the situation and based upon what is happening around as well as close to her and Zerotwo.
I am curious as to what Nana's training is and what governing body or person is her "regulator" or her commander i guess for people who
want a more known term.
(though it is strongly hinted that she has ties outside of Ape and Papa... and the implied second group that is fighting a proxy war within this society) Watch closely people.

I have been saving this for awhile but it is not time to reveal it... Part of the proof is the interaction with the armored unit that was assigned to be with Zerotwo and Nana.... They only have one order and that is to act within protocol and follow what Nana say's or act upon a situation to move Zerotwo in the best way possible.

Now i have said before that it is possible more than likely that Nana is working with Dr'Franxx but she must not know everything yet either and has to still continue her roles here under Ape or some other forces.
More on that later.

One thing it point out is the situation when in Ep 4 a air-carrier came with a armored unit to Extract Zerotwo back to the front lines.

Notice how they look sort of different but have still have similarities to the armored team from Ep 12 when they were taking Zerotwo in for testing at the Lab... and yes they were right outside the lab from what i could see,

One very very important thing to note is during the struggle with Zerotwo during Ep 12 is that the one guard had to get permission from Nana to fire upon Zerotwo.
That is important of it's self but look also at what happened... this is not "conventional" ammunitions. it is form what i could infer some sort of dart or injection being shot out.
Plus you may see on their weaponry they have some yellow vials of fluid on top in the receiver of the weapon.
the armored unit from Ep 4 had the same , go back and look well.

It must have been non lethal shots of some kind developed for handling Zerotwo as she does start to loose her strength after that one shot
and goes down.

I will be showing some pics of this also.

Another thing to add is what happened during Ep 4 when she was being taken and after with Hiro proclaiming his love and devotion for Zerotwo to ride with her!
The armored unit made no efforts to even fire at Zerotwo , why is that?
Only because they were out skilled, out maneuvered and could not hold their own against such a force as her?
No... not only that as i feel but because they were not given the necessary permissions to handle it that way.
They could have fired at her sure... come on.

But something held them back.
I am sure some of you have noticed this also. :)

even when this occurred and Zerotwo grabbed one of their weapons she was cracking the "glass" or whatever this barrier was made from.
It could be like Plexiglas but it did not act like that...who knows yet.
Also it cracked after she fired at it and then broke through it with her legs.

Let's all keep this in mind comparing the guys from Ep 4 to Ep 12.
Also from what i can tell is these guys have another sidearm (the Ep 4 unit) so there is that question as to what that is.. could be a tazer or something but i don't think it is. But the one armored personnel had a what seemed to be a sidearm that shot "injection type munitions"
So maybe the other weapons in Ep 4 were of this type too.

(Quick note the advanced weapons the unit has could have other settings such as how some weapons we have today, can use different
types of munitions) Though what i see is them using these to control and contain any incidents without serious harm to Zerotwo so that there is not a loss of asset.

I still do throughly stand by the fact that Nana has more authority when dealing with Zerotwo and deciding her roles and what happens to her.
Lol but Zerotwo almost never goes along with her anyway.... so not like what she says would matter.
Also another thing is the two units have different uniforms and symbols... probably separate units or maybe just their type of attire for that mission.

I do see the Garden unit as having more actual armor than the ones that came to escort her back in Ep 4 .... most likely given the situation then and it being the up-most importance to get her into the lab for the testing.
That is why i see Nana giving them that option to fire at her on that occasion as the importance was too great to be playing games.

Here is the moment where Nana ok's the option to shoot Zerotwo

Anyway from my standpoint their armor is bit different and i see it more as some sort of Kevlar with armored pieces over the chest and some around other points of the body but it may be something more of it being lighter but tougher so it can mean more mobility for these guys.
I do see them having more armor plate beneath.
And for sure the Unit in the Garden here is more fully armored and of a much different Uniform than the Ep 4 ones.
Look at their Insignias and rank though it could be something else....
Precautions must have been higher for to elicit this response and change in Equipment.
(Which it was!)

Here we see when Zerotwo was being taken into custody... damn sad for me.
Though she did get in some awesome hits.. thoroughly impressed!
You go Zerotwo!
She obviously does mma bros... most def!
They got rekt!

And here... This moment defines so much,
We see the expression of pain and rage from Zerotwo looking right at Nana for doing this to her.
So much we all don't know yet

Comparison pic of what i feel is the setting for where this has went down , right outside the Lab.
Right when Zerotwo went down from the shot.

Anyway i will end off here for now, Still remains so much i wnat to share but i will wait for tomorrow.
So tell me what all you think about this so far!
I do so hope i have added to this forum's info and meeting about the current Ep and situations unfolding.

Thank you all for being so special and damn real !

@Komodo that gif is just too damn funny.
I seriously like Zorome so much ! I want that gif too!
Lol but yeah i noticed the whole Gurren Lagann thing too ... So thank you Komodo for that on too!

Btw bro don't sell your self and your intellect for basic sh*t.... you are so much more and i can say you have brought
us so much damn info here and making us think, so be proud Komodo!
(We should all now thank Komodo and remind him of this! Cheers for komodo! )

That moment with Zorome.... Classic stuff man thank you for immortalizing it further into a gif format.

Lol and also there is so much more i have now for your to chew upon... and smell if ya wanna
Komodo knows what i speak of K Im out for now!
See ya!

One thing tho... need to keep Sneaki in our thoughts and prayers.. he has fallen ill right now and can't make it here
because he also happens to be so busy now at the time.
Sorry Sneaki! We LOVE YOU BRO!

Get Well Soon! .

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Posted 4/5/18 , edited 4/5/18
Damn man i just have to add this for now...

Remember what this is about :O <3 We do this so she can smile again!
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Posted 4/7/18 , edited 4/8/18
I can't believe it, but this episode made me want to just cuddle them both. Please let everything work out. <3
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