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Posted 4/1/18 , edited 10/14/18
The current comments section is a little bit shallow and non engaging.

I would like to know if someone responded to my comment in the comments section below each episode. Other comment style applications like disqus will prompt you that you have new comments, up votes, ect... I watch a lot of anime. I can't remember everything that I posted and sometimes I want to see if anyone had something to add.

Also, I am certain that I left a comment on a certain anime episode. However, I can not find it or any indication of what happened. If my comment was removed, would I get a message? It was a bit colorful, but nothing compared to the show we were watching and far less offensive then the other stuff I constantly am seeing posted in the same anime's comment section. If you guys are stealth deleting my messages, I would be disappointed. I would appreciate a fair moderation system that would tell us why our message was removed if this were the case. I am sure a lot of us anime fans are promoters of self expression and open discussion. Censorship is understandable on items targeted for a younger demographic but I think it should end there. No need to protect my adult eyes from the post from other adults if the post is providing some colorful response or criticism to the episode with adult themes.

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Posted 4/6/18 , edited 10/14/18
People have been pleading to Crunchyroll for a change to the comment section for a long time. Hell, they haven't even fixed the "Sort by Recent/Top" thing for years now.

Your comment probably wasn't deleted. It's just that the comment section breaks sometimes and removes older comments. Add "comments" to the end of the url in the address bar. That should show all comments.

But anyway, the comment section is broken, the sort option STILL hasn't been fixed, and there's no way of seeing whether people reply to you, like disqus, as you said.

Long story short: Crunchyroll doesn't care about changing anything to the comment section, and what makes it even worse is that it's broken.
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Posted 4/6/18 , edited 4/7/18
Could probably make a Greasemonkey plugin to do some of the stuff at least. Of course it would be taxing as hell on their server because they decided to use AJAX to lazy load comments as you scroll down, but hey not my problem. Don't wanna modernize it, pay the consequences. I"m pretty lazy though. Someone else do it lol.
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