Know any eight-piece combining mecha?

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Posted 4/3/18 , edited 4/3/18
I know that there have a been a few eight-piece combining mecha in the Super Sentai series, like in Ressha Sentai ToQger where the main five-piece ToQ-Oh mecha combined with the supplementary three-piece Diesel-Oh to become Cho ToQ-Oh, which when combined with Build Dai-Oh became a nine-piece combining mecha called ToQ-DaiOh. But I'm talking about eight-piece combining mecha that are used in anime, rather than just tokusatsu alone.

The furthest we got in-terms of combining mecha consisting of more than five components were Dairugger XV and Diebuster, but I rarely saw any combining mecha made up of eight components, even nine or ten, again except in Super Sentai. So does anyone know any combining mecha that consisted of eight or more components, aside from just Dairugger XV, Diebuster, and some of the Super Sentai mecha?

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