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A few days ago I got an email saying that a email verification was requested by me. However I did not request an e-mail verification from Crunchyroll. Then when I try to log into my Crunchyroll account my password didn't work. On a whim I decided to see what would happen if I use my email to make another account and lo and behold it was successful however on this supposedly new account it says that my 14 day trial was already used up. Now I fear that someone hacked my original account and changed both the email username and password for it because when I tried to reset the password for the original account the email would never send. Was my account deleted by Crunchyroll because I didn't verify my email in time or is it more likely that someone hacked my account changed everything and is now using my payment information for their own subscription? Any help would be appreciated
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Posted 4/3/18 , edited 4/3/18
Your original account was hacked. Put in a support ticket to reclaim it: /contact

Read about why you should use a different password on every site you use your email account to register on:

Learn about and choose a password manager to do so. (LastPass has a free version):,review-3785.html

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I just did so to cover my bases. Thank you.
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