Post Reply Do real Conservatism and Liberalism (20th century classical) exist in America anymore?
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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/4/18
A thought I've been having that I would like some input on from the well read and well intentioned users out there.


Personally, as I've researched more and more about American politics throughout my life I've come to a place where I think it is no longer right to say, well for one, that we are entirely a Democracy anymore, but more importantly that Classical concepts that defined progress in the 20th century have become far removed and those relationships that defined progress no longer work.

In many ways America kind of looks like a shitty marriage right now. Ideally it is great if you communicate your issues and move forward but once you stop doing that, things get impossible, you start hating the other person, and cheating (I'm looking at you Putin!). I think in many ways we have grown to be so far removed from each other that our marriage no longer makes sense. But the reason for that is we have forgotten why we got married in the first place and why we worked together.

I guess what I'm saying is that I don't think concepts exist anymore that are malleable. The are rigid and very antidemocratic.

Social outrage and unrecognizable progressiveness has caused the left to stop thinking about true thinking and fairness.

On the right greed and unmediated market-ism caused the party to be taken over by political succubi in the 90s creating a platform that couldn't sustain itself on basic principals so it started to cling to neoconservative concepts that were tea-party-ish and radical like war mongering, involvement in international affairs, we are the party of family and god... Phew -- If you aren't a conservative you're a secular and a heathen.

We've fractured from unmediated market-ism. It's caused us to cling onto rigid ideas were we once agreed. All because rich establishment has decided it needs more power and less regulation. Monopolies aren't torn apart, politicians gain more money from big donors then they know what to do with, they sustain their futures off of promises, not to the people, to international conglomerates.

I think I'm rambling now, but it's not hard to see, greed has taken over politics and fractured a relatively agreeable people. Repairing this shitty little relationship is only done in communication + time.


But I'd like to hear your thoughts. Am I close to the issue or just blowing smoke? What do you guys think about the current terms of the two big parties and how they define themselves and how would you change them if you could?

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Posted 4/4/18 , edited 4/4/18
I think the practice of antagonism simply for the sake of being antagonistic has risen. And it's seeped into being a quality of leadership. Otherwise, I'm not convinced that the overall core values of conservatism and liberalism has changed all that much in the past ~50 years.
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