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You know how, nowadays, with the exception of Super Sentai and Transformers, there have been a slow, gradual decline of combining mecha? To me, the El Dorado V team from Gun X Sword is my summation of it. The reason is because they represent what combining mecha used to be like in the past, and what they can still become today.

Think about it. In Gun X Sword, the El Dorado V team were elderly and past their prime. Only the four males of the team were still alive but retired at the time, while their only female of the group died from old age. And it was during that time, the surviving four members of the group were ridiculed by all of the younger people of their town for being past their prime and unable to recapture the glory days of combining mecha like the El Dorado V mecha. In a way, it's a metaphor for how, during 2005, almost none of the mecha anime at the time were using combining mecha at all, and that they were just outdated relics of the seventies and early eighties.

That was until a mad scientist built a mecha to attack the town, and the El Dorado V team were called into action to pilot their combining mecha again, all without their only female member or her own mecha. And just when they thought they were going to die without their fifth and final component, the main-protagonist, Van, used his Dann of Thursday mecha to launch the fifth and final component into the El Dorado V mecha, thus completing it and giving it back its full power. And the El Dorado V team and their combining mecha kick the living crap out of the mad scientist's mecha and save their town, proving to everyone that they are not down-and-out, that they still have the exact same potential they always had since their adolescence spent piloting their own combining mecha, even without their sole female of the group.

Now, I'm perfectly aware that Van only saved the El Dorado V out of pure reluctance, and that the only reason he helped out was just to get a bite to eat, with the mad scientist and his mecha only getting in his way. But the El Dorado V mecha defeating the mad scientist and becoming one of the most resourceful mecha to Van's journey (alongside Dann of Thursday, Volkain, and Brownie) literally represents that just because combining mecha are not as prevalent as they used to be (again, except for Super Sentai and Transformers), doesn't mean that they are down-and-out. That, when the time is right, combining mecha may make an epic scale return from obscurity and remind everyone why people loved combining mecha during the 70's and early 80's, as well as in Super Sentai today with their numerous combining mecha.

Even though, two years later, we'd get Gurren Lagann to remind us of the exact same thing as the El Dorado V from Gun X Sword.

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Posted 4/7/18 , edited 4/7/18

You are strangely obsessed with combining mecha.

Have you considered satiating yourself with the new Voltron?

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