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Posted 4/10/18 , edited 4/10/18
How would you rate Yu-Gi-Oh! GX to Yu-Gi-Oh! ????
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Posted 4/16/18 , edited 4/17/18
well lets look at the elephant in the show. both consist of cheating left and right. but got worse and annoying in gx. kuribo came back but with wings and survives a attack from a high level monster. chads stupid spirit monsters and the vegeta of the show or worse. yugi relied on the pharaoh but wasnt as annoying as jaden. jaden loses one fight and he is a sore loser but then gets the alien cards, he's trump deck to play and win new combo. yugi always had the power to bring any card to top of the deck but jaden didnt, he might as well cause he would also get the card he needed to cheat and win hes battles, even when the enemy was so close they always turn the tables at the last minute. hated the other characters too
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Posted 4/17/18 , edited 4/17/18
for me someone who grew up watching duel monsters,i'll most likely get a lot of flank for this...gx is a abomination to yu-gi-oh(and any follow on series just made the franchise worse) the series lost what it was about, it became more about powerful cards than using strategy, the whole pendulum thing was way too confusing and made op cards, the characters were just awful, the whole plot was just horribly boring and never really change
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