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Better late than never i guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ok so this episode is pretty heavy and it shows pretty much all of Zero-Two's backstory after she came in contact with the humans.

When watching the episode with the others in the watchparty over on our discord we first thought that Zero-Two might actually be killing Hiro. But it seems that they actually connected their consciousness and Zero-Two helped Hiro remember the past these two were having together.

So in the beginning we basically get to see the life of our beloved Zero-Two in this small room filled with childrens toys.
We also see this blue entity which cares for her and seems to be looking like this because Zero-Two cant clearly remember what this person looked like. But one day this entity gave a childrens-book to Zero-Two. But she couldnt read so she only looked at the pictures. More on that book later.

Now we see Hiro's perspective. Growing up in the garden with the other children. Learning, training and getting treatments. Getting told he was special.

The scene where Hiro gives Ichigo her name and helps her see that its good to be different is just wonderful. Now we see another example how special the teen codes are when Hiro doesnt get punishment for his actions.

With tests continuing, more children dissappearing and Hiro being the only one who asks questions, we see how Hiro sees Zero-Two for the first time.

Please dont make me mention how these horrible torture-experiments were looking like. it was scary enough to see and hear.

Hiro gets a short glimpse at the place where Zero-Two is at the moment and then we hear that Mitsuru gets the risky injection which can potentially make you better or even worse. And we finally get to hear the promise Hiro made to Mitsuru.

Even the garden staff seems to worry about Hiro's behavior and suggests raising the yellow blood cell injections. But doctor franxx says no.

After seeing these horrible experiments himself Hiro decides that its time to do something. So they brake free and run away.
Zero-Two experiencing the outside world for the first time and getting her name from Hiro was just too precious. And then of course we see her tasting sweets for the first time :D

Must protecc smol Zero-Two!

Now Hiro is reading the story about the demon princess and the prince while we see them both running away from the garden security.

And then the scene where Hiro helps Zero-Two "clean her wound" and he gives her the promise of being always together and then he'll be her da... her da... (insert picture of me crying..)

But of course the security finds them and erases Hiro's memories of all this. But now we know why Zero-Two is who she is and why she acts like this.

In the credits we can read the picture book to its end. And it might actually reveal what could happen next. At the end of the book the princess actually runs away after turning into a monster again. So maybe Zero-Two runs away? Or we just get a better ending than in the book.

Woah this episode really is on the emotional side this time. I really want to know who doc franxx is .. technically he is representing the witch from the picture book but who knows. Let me know your thoughts on the episode down below! :)
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Posted 4/10/18 , edited 4/10/18
Really well made and spoken from the heart. This is amazing
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Mutaboroney wrote:

Really well made and spoken from the heart. This is amazing

Thank you
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Ok guess what another damn crash on the site and i loose work again ... why!?
Anyway i will revise my previous work anyway since it is long gone.. oh well :D.

I will keep this brief and touch on the points that are very important and if anyone wants me to explain further or speak about it then can go to the Discord on voice or i can reply here .. discord is much better though .

I shall be going all RED N BLUE for this to support Zerotwo and Ichigo ,
Yeah i said it and i don't care who know it!

Ok the first scenes we get are of Zerotwo continuing to do her best to change the outcomes of her terrible situations into a better ending and she wants her Darling back...
Komodo yeah it is true we all had some thought of this being more the case of her wanting to end this all and she could have
possibly killed Hiro in this rage,
Though this is much more complex ...

She likely had her memories but they were selectively altered and some was distorted by this mind wiping machine.... he knew well
about how to do these things too.. let's be real here.
(What i shall say is my own knowing in regards to this current and past situation and any speculative observations.)

This is mainly what i have felt by what was shown here and thinking rather hard on this, Doc Franxx knows FAR more than Ape will or ever will from what i know.. and this makes him very dangerous and even Ape would not know how much potential he has.

Komodo he is the witch in the story right? I mean he is the only one who would have been able to pull this off.
Give Zerotwo what she wants OR what she thought she wanted and needed given these situational variables .
It is the perfect plan. See!

Though why would Zerotwo and Hiro be meeting up now ? only Doc Franxx could have orchestrated all this so perfectly and have it line up...
come on who here would think the Ape or anyone else could do this? Certainly not as doc franxx runs the Garden completely even..
And he was the first Handler of Zerotwo... though she did have her "Mother" or someone that cared for her... we need to know more
about her!

Another thing is about how fucked up this whole situation is... let's be honest.
Zerotwo has been handling this the best way she could or knew how...
Considering her whole damn life has been some of the hardest shit i could imagine mostly for any innocent child to deal with.
And yeah she is a child and not some monster , let's get that right. Child abuse so strong here...
My whole take on this is that these events were planned out , someone has made all this happen.
I mean the whole thing about the world ending and this one starting.. and the Klaxx.

I won't say it is Doc Franxx but he does have his hands very dirty and knows wayyy more than Ape... i am more sure about this..
Given his intellect and ways.
That can't be ignored anymore or explained away!
Given his skills and way of knowing what Ape does and how this group functions , he knows more ;)
Doc Franxx has his own network here to spy on APE... though from what i see he could have even been part of them...
As in him being a member not just
Good ole Doc Franxx...
just something to think about.

For now i won't say what i see will come from this as to i am still waiting and watching like you all anyway
Though... I will say he does remind of that scientist guy that was the father of the girls in Kill la Kill..
but he is not as kind in that way.

Another thing is this whole storybook and it's.. "Ending" while i don't think this is the true ending... because so much points to it not being.
i have seen people talking about this maybe being the middle point.
Look at the further evidence guys... it is greatly implied that they are being reunited and even if Zerotwo tried to run away they are moving on strong and and forging a new relation + future.

Watch the black screens and read them all.. with the Japanese writing in the Japanese quotation marks.... part of it too and the whole thing of Now that they both remember all of this !
Hiro won't be complacent anymore... Now i do know this even MUST have been already foreseen by the Doc... come on he does know
way more than anyone about the Klaxx ,technologies and what the whole consciousness merging would do for Hiro and Zerotwo.

So much remains unsolved and too many strings without connections to their variables..... damn.

Now let's take a look at some things...

Notice the Jian birds in this childs mobile like fashion.
This room is FAR suited for children also and she has and actual real bed.. Wtf man.
She has been done so wrong later in the Ep,

We need to see more about that caregiver she was with and what happened.. Why!
Why she is being led from this room into this damn prison room type shit.

I mean it has the damn prison shitter and sink in it too ... nothing else not even a bed.

Her face also when she was chained up in the other child like room was sad but damn this sucks major ass!
(Solitary confinement never helped anyone...)

Though atleast she had extremely large windows glass to see outside of in the other room.. not much of a upgrade though
so much taken from this beautiful child.


Another point is this

You will have to translate it in Google or another place though.
Ditf has been showing many symbols and relations to sacred texts and mythos.
The Golden Bough book is key to this also.
Parts of it is seen in the series and it shows so much the subtle languages as the plants.

This is only one thing i have seen which i had not thought of much either... so i wanted to post the link here :)
Because there is absolutely so much to see and think upon we need everyone's views and feelings here. .

Also because we can't go without Ichigo! I will not put up this post without atleast showing some pics of Wittle Ichigo <3
We love you also Ichigo! She was rather confused and not doing well at all until
Hiro comes and gives her some much needed advice and council... kind of like Ichigo does for Hiro later after his "Alterations"
Also much later in the series starting with Ep 1.

I do btw want a better life for her... but she strong though.. not gonna worry bout that.
Let it go how it goes,

She needed Hiro then tp step up and say hey we are different and even so we have to be who we are and do our best.
Ichigo feels that being different is scary... but that parallels true life right?

So much wisdom gained by this series

She also did her best to help Hiro and even Zerotwo... all this time even if Ichigo felt some caution and mistrust on her end.
Ichigo seriously only wants to do good works for her team and really all humans i do see this
May you always remain you.. as you are Ichigo and progress as your own self.

Ok one thing i have to say before i end this off for tonight .. ( as i need to study and finish some things but best believe my ass
is working another post with pics tomorrow. )

What the hell this bish doing? Yoo naahhhh i know yo ass ain't' bulllyin Wittle Eto to... nahhhhh yo ass can get it too!
ima send in da team!
Damn shame the only thing she had that was nice in her life and yo ass want to steal that shit.. nahh you goin git it from my hood!

Yo but one more thing to add

Ok so now that i have made a good introduction for the 1st part of what i want to go over i will now end this soon as
this is getting to be a long post and i need to finish some work up tonight

So here i will leave you with this pic of the Mistletoe tree :D
And look back at ep one when Wittle Eto To returns to it? or is there some other deeper symbolic meaning? please share your ideas
and feelings!

After thinking about this even more... i say that we can't really pin anything much more on Doc Franxx... not yet
at-least though he is shady for sure man... Though people can change sometimes in ways profound,
We have to wait on that to see for real.. just now way this is all to chance,
There are never coincidences right lol ... too damn convenient.

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Posted 4/13/18 , edited 4/14/18
I hate having to make posts after Lunis because his are always so intricate and well thought out, while I'm over here balling my eyes out at the thought of little ZeroTwo being hurt.

Since it's so late I have nothing much to say... except one thing.



Love you all, sorry for being sickly the past few weeks!
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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/14/18

sneaki-chan wrote:

I hate having to make posts after Lunis because his are always so intricate and well thought out, while I'm over here balling my eyes out at the thought of little ZeroTwo being hurt.

Since it's so late I have nothing much to say... except one thing.



Love you all, sorry for being sickly the past few weeks!

Hey now it's ok Sneaki Your posts are also very well written and show so much passion! We must protect Smol Eto To!

The smiles also of bigger Zerotwo must be protected now also!

We must safe guard these things!

We was all crying much and it's ok.... also i was busy this week and never replyied back here like i said i would but i also thought hey not much anyone has said anything this week so i will wait until this week.

Because yeah so much going on and we all don' have many pieces we can fit together regarding where this is going for sure...
It's too many twists and not well defined.... And what about this Doc FRanxx guy... shiteee man


We won't let that future be without her smiles!

Even Megumin knows whats up!
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