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Posted 4/12/18 , edited 9/16/18
Ok, I know this is been here already few times but you need to put HTML5 player to use already. I don't even understand why you don't have put it together.

- Chromium (Chrome and Opera) will start requiring to user confirmation every time browser is restarted to run flash

- Mozilla Firefox also goes for same road

I don't really see anymore point even use Flash except laziness and/or you don't just care about your customers.
Well if you don't have HTML5 support before browsers starts to forget flash settings, I will stop using CR, and I don't think I'm only one dropping CR then, why? Because it will be less hassle to use "pirated" or other streaming services.
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Posted 4/13/18 , edited 4/13/18
There is already a HTML5 player which is in beta, but only available for Premium+ members. When I tried it out, it actually wasn't even working at the time, and from what I've heard, nothing has changed since they put it in beta.

I can assure you, they will be waiting to the very last minute before releasing a HTML5 player.

I have also read in other forums, something that might happen is that CR will change to a clone website of VRV, but for CRs content only obviously, because that website seems to be getting more support than here.

As for now, there is a couple of chrome extensions which change the player to HTML5: (have used before and works great for the most part) (a new one I found while searching for the other one again)

One thing to keep in mind, with these players, you can't change the subtitles or disable them.
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Posted 4/13/18 , edited 9/7/18
Didn't Ellation basically cut all development to CR a few years ago and reallocate most resources to develop VRV? If that's the case, then a VRV clone is practically the guaranteed route. Unless, of course, someone who actually cares buys out CR from Otter Media and uses their sway to drastically change the executive management.
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