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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/14/18
I'm relatively new to reading Light Novels. I mainly read Wuxia Novels. I'm looking for any recommendations for Light Novels. They can be ones that have been adapted into an anime/manga or what ever. If you have a good Wuxia novel, suggest that too please. Thanks!
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Posted 4/16/18 , edited 4/16/18
The Light Novels that I've read:

My Girlfriend is a Geek: Comedy, romance. Brilliant mockery of otaku culture. The more you know about otaku culture, the funnier it is.

Toradora: Romantic comedy. Similar to the anime, but with much more character depth and a much better ending.

Spice and Wolf: Fantasy, romance, drama: The anime hues pretty close to the books for the first couple volumes. But the books continue to flesh out an incredibly deep and interesting fantasy world, and the dialogue is top-notch.

Sword Art Online: Action, romance, fantasy/sci-fi. The anime is very similar, although they rearrange the story (the books have a lot of flash-backs and flash-forwards, where the anime tells everything chronologically). The books add a bit of depth to the characters, and explain a few inconsistencies better, but basically if you like you you'll like the other (or not).

Baka to Test: Sci-fi comedy with a bit of harem romance. Never seen the anime. The books start out very funny, especially if you like slapstick humor. The jokes get old by about the fourth volume. The series ends well, though.

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Posted 9/23/18 , edited 9/24/18
Tears of Darkness, Volume 1: Tragedy and Hope -

Half of the world’s population is exterminated by an unknown alien menace that depart as quickly as they came. Shortly thereafter, girls start being born with eyes that glow bright red, blue and yellow. As these girls reach pre-teen years, they develop special powers that no human has ever had before. A few years after the first aliens attacked, a self-propelled asteroid crashes and brings with it a new alien threat more devastating than the first. These aliens, known as Harvesters, are mindless but powerful. They quickly spread over the earth, devastating it where ever they go. The rest of humanity now resides in walled cities while the Harvesters have free-reign everywhere else. It was later discovered that the girls who developed special powers, self-destructed within a year of reaching menarche. The World Government forcibly conscripts these girls, known as Spirit Wielders, into military service so that their powers can benefit humanity before they self-destruct. Tears of Darkness follows nine year-old Valerie Bennet, a yellow-eyed Spirit Wielder, who is conscripted into the Spirit Wielder Corp. With her new comrades, Mary and Sarah, and her Lieutenant, Michael Snyder, they fight to protect what remains of humanity. Valerie learns the strength of friendship and trust, and the horrors of war.
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Posted 10/7/18 , edited 10/7/18
Spice and Wolf: Loner merchant meets a wolf deity during his travels. The two of them make a deal, he will help her get back home now that her former worshipers no longer value her and she will in turn help him earn enough money to retire from being a traveling merchant and open his own shop. The main characters use their own life experiences to outsmart other merchants and factions to help get them closer to their goals, prepare to learn some economics here as an added bonus. Also, my favorite romance story period, nothing else comes relatively close for me. I don't want to say anymore as not to spoil the series, but this one is my absolute favorite.
Genre: Adventure, Slice of Life, Romance

Re:Zero: A darker take on the Isekai genre, what if the normal guy who is typically dumped into another world isn't some Marty Stew, but instead a regular guy in a world of people much more powerful than him? What if he is stuck in a time loop and the only way to progress forward is to learn to avoid rather gruesome deadends? If you are ever tired of your overpowered main character who never has any character development and are yearning for a series that breaks and shatters the mold this is the one for you. One of the only recent Isekai's that understands the words "character development."
Genre: Isekai, Drama, Fantasy
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Posted 10/8/18 , edited 10/9/18
Must read Spice and Wolf its my all time favorite novel
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Posted 10/10/18 , edited 10/10/18
"Is if wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon?" If you like hero's journey stories.
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Posted 10/20/18 , edited 10/20/18

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Log Horizon

Reborn as a Vending Machine, I Now Wander the Dungeon
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Posted 23 days ago , edited 23 days ago
Accel World
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