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Post Reply Are we Critical Enough of Anime?
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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/15/18
I think either answer is correct in their own way, things aren't black and white. Reply with what you think.
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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/25/18
I think we are a bit too critical, but otherwise I believe the problem is largely we don't demand better. Depends.

The main difference is that largely stories get resolved one way or another, whereas series in the West end as soon as the ratings drop, with very few shows ever fully ending by anything other than dwindling popularity. To which I say that this is something I honestly prefer over Western television.

I hardly subscribe to any notion that fiction should be regulated. I can accept age regulations, and by extension where it can be sold, but as a whole, I do not think any formal body should ever attempt to regulate a "culture", or subculture.
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Posted 4/14/18 , edited 4/15/18
The problem is that anime as a medium is largely over-represented. Because it's foreign and has a stigma to it we think that we're in some obscure niche, but overall you don't see people idolizing the cartoons of other countries as obsessively as with anime. Part of it is possibly because anime - at least SEEMS to be - a bigger industry than cartoons in terms of quantity of products (possibly not in terms of revenue?). I can probably name only like 10 cartoon shows that are airing right now in the U.S. and will air for the rest of the year, obviously the number is probably more like double that, but when you cut out the shit that's made for toddlers the number becomes way lower. Whereas with anime there is a constant roster change of shows being aired, constantly at least 10 popular shows per season, constantly things for us to nit pick.

The reality is most of it isn't made for us and that's why we're so critical. But that doesn't make the criticism less valid. There are many shows made for a similar demographic that are very different in terms of quality - like Naruto Shippuden and Fullmetal Alchemist. What we have now is an anime industry that supports the idea of copying a bunch of repetitive ideas and selling them for low risk low reward profit. That's pretty evident in just how many shows look almost exactly the same. It's not going to change until enough of these shows fail. Or until streaming services and their exclusivity allows for unique products.
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Posted 4/15/18 , edited 4/15/18
even though it's like any industry, there are things that should not be parked in animated shows and shows in general regardless of live action or animated. if they want to continue they should come with a warning that it could contain things people aren't into. if Disney can bring that it contains smoking warning, then it's not that complicated to bring that it is going to have some form of nudity (even censored to some and obtained otherwise) not to mention, any form of fan service, rape, rape fantasy, sex... otherwise, I have nothing against the industry as a whole, but to know what I'm getting myself into is always nice and a good thing. even for others who are unable to handle some situations for whatever the reason.

and yes, searching online triggers something else, spoilers. what's the point of watching something if one obtains spoilers, at least that's how I am.
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Posted 4/15/18 , edited 4/25/18
You don't control fiction

The creator controls fiction. If the world doesn't like it, too bad

Money keeps everything functioning, so why would you even consider something being "wrong" People who you think are considered "Wrong" Spend their money on things that you think are "Wrong" which feeds the machine.

If something you thought was wrong needed to be dealt with, how are you going to do it? Complain about it?

I did, and what did that do? It got a second season.

So go ahead, if you don't have money talking for you, why even bother. unless people are actually suffering from it, theres nothing you can do.

We don't deserve anything, thats how I see people treat us.

Thats Why I create my own
Posted 4/15/18 , edited 4/25/18
I just want to say that I think the responses are loaded. They should just be Yes/No/Maybe with encouragement to clarify in comment, since there are far more nuanced opinions that fit into each then what you've appended to them.

Personally, I think we're not critical enough of anime, though not because of ethical concerns of "loli culture". Rather, I think it's problematic that we don't hold anime to a standard of providing more than 24 minutes of enjoyment; that is, we don't sufficiently demand that a production should say something meaningful, that it should have complex themes, that it should be a critique of a real-life issue, or that it should have characters that reflect some aspect of humanity rather than being one-dimensional archetypes made for the sake of a gag. This is not to say that comedies or slice-of-lifes are bad or meaningless; to the contrary, what I would like to see is more slice-of-lifes that actually say something about life, and more comedies that highlight the absurdities of real-life. Too many anime feel empty and disjointed from any significance, as though an artist drew a painting without ever considering what they wanted to express through it.
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Posted 4/16/18 , edited 4/16/18
I thought this was going to be about criticism from a critical reception point of view, not an ethics point of view. We're not critical enough of anime in the sense of reception. The standards we hold for anime are too low, and for that reason there's so many franchises are are used as cash cows rather than actual quality entertainment. I'm sorry to anyone who likes it, but for example, the amount of time One Piece has been going at this point is a joke, and I highly doubt it's still being printed/animated for any other reason than, it makes a lot of money.

In regards to what you're arguing, I'm gonna be frank, I really don't care about lolicon culture. It's not my thing, but so long as they're not harming any real children, I don't really care. I'm just going to personally avoid it. I don't see any need to regulate anything of that sort, and I disagree with censorship in general. Creators should have freedom. If what they make is too obscene for the masses, then people either won't watch it, or it'll become cult like Boku no Pico. So no, in that kind of sense, I don't think we are too critical of anime. I think it's up to the people viewing to decide what they want to watch, and what they deem acceptable.
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Posted 7/23/18 , edited 7/23/18
My answer is the third option, as there are some content or quality in general in many series that is questionable and needs to be discussed more, such as lolicons and shotacons that is mentioned in the Poll. Many of the respondents above have made good reasons in regard to quality or the franchises are promoting certain content for the sake of money, which is what I have thought in relation to the status of many Anime series. The concern for me is when the excessively used tropes become imitated by people, including children.

Despite if the decision was considered, there will possibly be protests from the audiences and the creators of a character/show to argue that freedom of expression is being violated.
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