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Posted 4/16/18 , edited 4/16/18
A number of titles seem rather odd to mark as mature, others seem rather odd to not mark as mature.

The Sacred Blacksmith seems an odd choice to be marked as mature. Okay, the image chosen for the main page does at first glance looks like unmentionables. Having seen the series that looks more like a black leotard than underwear. If The Sacred Blacksmith is mature, why doesn't Strike the Blood get this honor when nearly every episode of that shows overt underwear?!

Then we've got the current Spring lineup...

Black Lagoon is filled with minor characters being shot and presumably killed yet Black Lagoon doesn't qualify as mature?! Okay, censorship in the US is rather screwed up, but Black Lagoon has so much violence that even US standards would rate it as over the top on violence.

Claymore oh gawd. I thought Black Lagoon was badly misrated. Claymore is a horror series filled with massive quantities of blood and death in nearly every episode, yet Claymore isn't marked mature?! The folks in charge of Crunchyroll really missed the boat on ratings here.
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Posted 4/16/18 , edited 4/17/18

toDragon wrote:
The Sacred Blacksmith seems an odd choice to be marked as mature

Go to approximately 8:40 on Episode 2: /the-sacred-blacksmith/episode-2-devils-contract-valbanill-765161?t=520 That brief flash of anatomy is the entire reason for the rating.

Something to do with using Apple's standards as the basis, since they have the most restrictive standards for device manufacturers; shows need to have explicit consent to be played on IOS devices, and rather than have different rules for each maker, they just went with one.

But yeah, it makes no sense that violence isn't usually marked as mature. If the uncensored first season of /terraformars isn't restricted, then I don't know what should be. I mean, literally in one episode
Maybe Valvrave because of the "rape" episode, which is in reality more violence rather than sex. Guess which one of (sex/violence) was the more likely culprit though...
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Posted 4/17/18 , edited 4/17/18
Yeah, it's rather hard to make an end-all-be-all rating system on the internet. They would probably have to make several (broken down by region); just to satisfy cultural differences.

For example, the weight of violence on ratings in the U.S. has heavily diminished since the 90's (Especially in movies.... just look at what was considered rated R back in the day.... Terminator 2 = PG 13 at best now... Air Force One = arguably PG now). Nudity is also weighted heavier in the U.S. than it is in many European countries (it is weighted heavier still in some parts of Asia). It is quite difficult to please everyone.

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