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Amazon fire stick app Constantly being told "something went wrong, log out/log in again"

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Posted 24 days ago , edited 24 days ago
This happens to me almost weekly and has been for a couple of year now. I've even emailed Crunchyroll Customer Support about the issue.

There response was the same as stated previously in the thread and was what I had been doing for years short of deleting Amazon Fire devices from my account.

Hi there,

Thanks so much for emailing in. We understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to watch your favorite anime. For the best results, we suggest performing a clean install by first clearing the Crunchyroll app's data from your device.

If you are using our app on a device:
1. On your device: clear your cache and delete any Crunchyroll app data
2. Uninstall the app from the device
3. From your web browser: go to (
4. Click Unlink and Deactivate on any rows related to the device
5. On your device reinstall the Crunchyroll app.

Let us know how this works for you!

Customer Service Agent

It is really frustrating to take 10 - 20 minutes of extra steps to watch anime when the service is supposed to be built around convenience.
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Posted 18 days ago , edited 18 days ago
Biggest issue I've had with this is when I'm logged or trying to log into premium. Clearing Cache and Data and running the application appears to load fine. It's the sign in and hand off that seems to crash the application.

As others have stated in fewer words, this appears to be an application or infrastructure issue on the CR side. It may also be coincidental but it also appears to match with weekends and peak watch times. Biggest annoyance to this issue is that it appears to primarily affect paying customers. As stated not logging in the application works fine. That's kind of standing business logic on its head. One would think paying customers should be the ones least affected by issues.
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Posted 12 days ago , edited 12 days ago
Same here. I was hoping over time the app would improve or be fixed. Tonight after clearing the cache, clearing the data, uninstall/reinstall, restart fire TV and it continues to say 'Oops, something went wrong, we are restarting the app." It actually get stuck in a cycle until you spam the home button to get out. No other apps are having the issue.
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