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Angels of Death Discussion

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Posted 11/3/18 , edited 11/4/18
Hey, I have a question.

Why does Rachel say she needs to die?

All I can find here is their promise or her desire, but what caused her to want to die?
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Posted 11/4/18 , edited 11/4/18
She feels guilty over killing her parents due to her vaguely religious upbringing.
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Posted 11/5/18 , edited 11/5/18
im up to episode 15, imma watch 16 when i get home. I love this anime though its amazing.

If anyone is up to where i am i'd love to chat!
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Posted 11/9/18 , edited 11/9/18
Bomus pic

Zacks VA continues as Accelarotor in ACMI S3
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25 / M / sweden
Posted 11/15/18 , edited 11/15/18
Just finished binge watching the show. Haven't played the game so I had no expectations in advance when I started watching it.

The first few episodes was pretty meh to be honest, but for some reason I was still intrigued by it and continued to watch the whole show. I'd give it 7/10.

If I had played the game it would probably be a different story since movie/series adaptions of games rarely lives up to the fans expectations. But if you see it as just an independent anime then you might still enjoy it.
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