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Posted 7/10/18 , edited 7/11/18
Recently I heard that tattoos are frowned upon in Japan, which is a shame to me since I wanted to visit for a long time. Is this true? Also is there anyone else living in a country that doesn't like tattoos?
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Posted 7/10/18 , edited 7/10/18
Not exactly. They are banned from most onsen (public baths) because of the affiliation that they have with Yakuza. If an onsen gets the reputation that it is a Yakuza hangout spot, it is extremely bad for business. Yakuza have tattoos-->ban tattoos-->ban Yakuza.

However, foreigners are (generally) able to get away with breaking more social taboos than not. You just won't be able to use an onsen, more or less.
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Posted 7/18/18 , edited 7/18/18
Most onsen do in fact ban tattoos, however, there are some that don't. As someone who is pretty heavily tattooed I have done a lot of research and asked my own Japanese friends plenty of questions. In regards to people disliking tattoos there, they definitely are frowned upon by a lot of the Japanese society but youll come to find that the younger generations are actually becoming very open to them. Most find foreigners with tattoos very interesting because they know that is the culture in those other countries. They would be more cautious around a Japanese with tattoos. The older generations are the ones that probably will never change their minds haha. But you have that all over the world with the older generations. I know my grandmother hates my tattoos.
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Posted 8/14/18 , edited 8/15/18
I feel like nowadays everyone has tattoos. if an establishment bans people for their tattoo, you know that you wouldn’t even want to visits that places anyways.
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