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Posted 7/17/18 , edited 7/17/18
For those on the East Coast, you may have heard of the Anime Fest NYCC x Anime Expo colab happening in October in New York City.

Some Qs:

It's happening the same days and times as New York Comic Con - is that a good or bad thing?

Do you think it's competing with Anime NYC?

If you go to NYCC for the anime stuff, will you be saving your energy and money for this event?

Do you literally have no thoughts and don't care at all?

I'll be going Saturday to this event. We'll see how it goes. I don't think Anime Expo would ever put their name on an event that sucks, so I have high hopes but low expectations.
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Posted 7/18/18 , edited 7/19/18
Regarding your questions:

It's a con inside a con. It was already a nightmare, and this potentially will be awful, so a bad thing.

I think it's a reaction to Anime NYC, and a BS move by ReedPop to draw people away from AnimeNYC.

The Anime Stuff at NYCC is kind of secondary for me; Bandai always has an interesting display, but I liked the atmosphere at AnimeNYC better. Same for the other companies and vendors.

Oh, I have thoughts...

NYCC is already too crowded, too spread out, too expensive and ticket sales are an abysmal ordeal and it's trying to be all things to all fans and to be honest, it's failing. I'm going, but if their attitude towards fans and ticketing practices don't change, and they don't manage the crowds far, far better than last year, this may be my last year going.

Never dealt with Anime Expo, but ReedPop have gotten pretty good at generating bad fan experiences. Hopefully for the fans it won't be a crapfest, but I'm not hopeful.

I'll be going to Anime NYC again, as it was a nice focused (relative to NYCC) con where people just seemed to have fun. My first anime Con, and I enjoyed everything but that afterparty at that tiny club. They could just have that at the Javits and it'd be much better. I think they need a lot more Arcade machines this year to cut down on the lines, and some of the bigger companies may want to bring dual setups and hopefully create more aisle space between them.
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Posted 7/19/18 , edited 7/19/18
NYCC is already a bitch to get tickets to which is why I don't either bother anymore.
Sure you can go for a single day, but if I'm gonna make the effort to get my butt over to the city if it's not the whole weekend it's a waste of time imo. Not sure how you can grow an audience when your con is already at capacity
I went to NYCC back in 2014 when I got free tickets since I knew someone who worked for their marketing/promoting department, literally the only year I could get tickets go figure. When I went to NYCC there was some anime stuff that was decent (especially the artwork), the dealer's room was pretty massive, but the panels were somewhat limited. Besides, when I went to NYCC it was more for the non-anime stuff, it is a proper comic con after all, the anime stuff will always be secondary.

Don't get me wrong NYCC is a cool experience, but it has really outgrown Javits and it's a real shame there isn't a bigger venue in the area.
Once I heard about NYC Anime Con last year I went for the con that had tickets you could actually purchase

The only true anime con competition in NYC seems to be Liberty City Anime Con vs NYC Anime Con, I'd go to both but one can only do so many cons in a single year and not go bankrupt
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