VRV Update 1.16 Broken

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Posted 7/21/18 , edited 7/21/18
Since the VRV 1.16 update a couple of days ago, the PS4 app keeps switching between resolutions and hitching, making it impossible to enjoy watching anything.

I've switched to the Crunchyroll app as contingency, but the reason I was using VRV to begin with is that, for whatever reason, its 1080p is crisper, even off the same backend. It's disappointing to have to use Crunchy.

I'm concerned simply because I've seen no acknowledgement of the issue from Crunchy or VRV, outside of a Crunchy employee telling someone else with the issue on reddit that it sounded like a line quality problem (which it's not, it's from the update, I've thoroughly tested all my streaming options and *only* the PS4 VRV app has this issue, proceeding directly from the update). After the debacle of the Wii U Crunchy app's slow and miserable downfall I just want to know that they'll actually acknowledge that at least some people are having issues and roll it back or fix.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and weirdly it stayed consistent for a couple minutes in 1080p before returning to the same mess.
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