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Posted 9/10/18 , edited 9/10/18
I just started reading this and I am up to chapter 12. So spoilers up to chapter 12

This isn't going to be one of my typical diatribes after a binge watch/read. I guess because I haven't really read that much, but not much has happened either.

I kind of like the new aspect of actually growing up as a baby with knowledge of a 34 year old. Most other reincarnated/transported Isekai seem to start off when the MC is an adult.

In the first chapter I figure he is living in his parents' house, and they have died, and his brothers and sister come and toss him out. Then after he is hit by the truck his life is flashing before his eyes, and show a man and woman crying. I guess they are supposed to be his parents. At first I thought perhaps it was his siblings crying over sending him out to die, but in the next panel, it shows them scowling. Maybe the didn't care that he died.

Rudeus's father really seems like a freaking dunce. Rudy basically calls him a meat-head. I wonder what Zenith would have thought if she knew her husband slapped their 4 year old son hard enough to draw blood.

The whole plan to send Rudy away seemed rather half-baked as well. He begs to go to Magic School, and Paul says, you can't leave until you're 12, because that's when I left. Then just like that, Paul knocks out his own son and has him carried off, not to be heard from for 5 years. Rudy seems okay with it, but I guess although he considers Paul and Zenith to be family, he doesn't really look at them as parents, but more as care-takers. He didn't need to be raised, because he was already mentally an adult and ended up teaching them sometimes. So I guess being separated from them was no big deal to him and he did think he needed a change of pace. I can't believe Zenith signed off on that plan though. She watches her 7 year old son be knocked out and carried away, and agrees to absolutely no contact for 5 years? I can see letting him be away for 5 years, but to agree to no contact with your 7 year old son for 5 years, after he basically held your family together? That seems out of character for Zenith. I wonder what would have happened if Rudy had gotten the better of Paul in that duel.

The thing about Philip's sons being taken by his brother as hostages seemed kind of weird too. So was his brother going to kill them if Philip tried to become the successor as family head? I assume Philip's father was the current head, and he seemed to love his grandchildren (at least Eris) I can't imagine he would let his other son harm his grandsons.
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