Show won't show up on my ps4

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Posted 9/16/18 , edited 9/16/18
So i have mature content on and have a birthday set and I've tried to to put the How Not to Summon A Demon Lord in my queue through my pc but it doesn't work. Any suggestions?
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Posted 9/16/18 , edited 9/17/18
Are you really only 15? Maybe that's why, but I can't say for certain. It may be that you need to be 17 or 18 to view those on some prudish manufacturer's devices, especially Apple. It would be a little odd that age actually matters for some shows but not others that are also tagged mature once the flag has been changed away from the default. I can't recall reading any posts from anyone else having the mature setting pointed out to them, where they came back and said they needed to change their age, too. But that's the only other thing I can think of which might matter.
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Posted 9/19/18 , edited 9/19/18
You're age in you playstation account will need to be 18+ it seems.

If you have a sub account ask the main account holder to change your age to 18 or just use their account for it.
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