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Posted 9/18/18 , edited 9/19/18
I recently had an issue that took three weeks to resolve through email, and took a week even for a response. Why even when they send you a link to bypass the free trial entry you still don't get passed it lmfao. Tobias was the guys name and he helped barely any and didn't get a good survey afterwards from me. This guy didn't know what he was doing, and after I tried to explain what was wrong he kept insisting that this was what was wrong and how he ensured that this would have fixed it. Real nice dude, thanks for not helping and thanks for nothing. Like to fix it how about after people use the free trial 5 years later we should easily be able to resubscribe if needed not four months of annoying douche customer service.
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Posted 9/18/18 , edited 9/18/18
I get that it is frustrating to deal with tech problems, especially when the troubleshooting efforts don't work. Maybe Tobias didn't know how to solve your problem and should have consulted one of his peers or maybe you didn't communicate your problem clearly enough.

That being said.

You are coming off as that customer who matches into a store, throws shit onto the counter, and starts screaming about how he said he didn't want pickles on his burger and how he wants a refund and blah blah blah we all know how this goes.

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Posted 9/19/18 , edited 9/19/18
^ That and also this is the wrong forum.

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