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Introducing the New Crunchyroll Video Player

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CR Community Team
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M / San Francisco
Posted 12/20/18 , edited 12/20/18
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35 / M / Atlanta, GA
Posted 12/21/18 , edited 12/21/18
How do you disable auto-play or make a default quality setting other than auto?
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58 / M / U.S.A. (mid-south)
Posted 12/21/18 , edited 12/22/18

sickVisionz wrote:

How do you disable auto-play or make a default quality setting other than auto?

Those options still aren't available but as the recent update to add subtitle options stated, "The first two of our scheduled updates to the HTML5 player are now complete!", that implies more are scheduled, so there is hope those features will be implemented.
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Posted 12/22/18 , edited 12/23/18
Any chance of getting back the button that lets us start an episode over from the beginning?
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18 / M
Posted 12/25/18 , edited 12/26/18
There are plenty of talented people who would be willing to work for you crunchyroll, I mean someone made a chrome html extension for you... Just look to hire those people and they'll fix all your problems.
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Posted 12/26/18 , edited 12/27/18
What new player? I'm using a PS4 and the player is the same one I've been using since subscribing to this service.
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Posted 12/28/18 , edited 12/28/18
I'm not sure if its just me, but I know that the new player sometimes acts up when watching more action oriented anime with the quality. The auto setting is always on by default and even when set to a specific quality the visual quality still changes on its own. Its strange, really, because audio changes with the setting. I know my internet speeds are fine as I did a speedtest right after having this issue again and it was 100+ mbps. I'm happy to say it is still better overall, but I would like if the quality settings were preserved, or even if there was a setting to have it automatically select a predetermined quality. Thanks!
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Posted 1/2/19 , edited 1/2/19
So, I come back after three months to look how far Crunchyroll has gotten - and now I don't even get any player whatsoever?! Not that it would be worthwile with all the other problems still not solved ...
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35 / M / Finland- The Cave...
Posted 1/13/19 , edited 1/13/19
*notices this way late, has not seen any difference though he uses the site almost daily*

Mkkay... cool.. I ... guess...
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21 / F / Sweden
Posted 26 days ago , edited 25 days ago
So glad that the option to turn off subtitles is back! <3
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27 / M
Posted 24 days ago , edited 23 days ago
In Naruto the subtitle menu is just empty.
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Posted 15 days ago , edited 3 days ago
Sending wishlist feedback via req form is not the best way IMO... here is my new player feedback, with the hopes that these features can make it into a future update. Note on Windows 10 (64bit) using Firefox anime playback works just fine, no crashes yet, very much more stable than the old player. So great job with that.


- The fullscreen mode toggle key, i.e. F, only works when you are already viewing the anime in full screen. It would be consistent and useful to be able to switch from normal view to full screen view via F-key as well. As used to be the case.

- The control bar could use previous / next anime icons (skip to prev/next anime), and shortcuts like PgUp / PgDn respectively. Useful when near the end of an anime episode and you want to skip the end credits to the next anime episode.

- A way to toggle the subtitles on and off. By default I watch everything with English subs, but to take nice clean screenshots I need to pause the anime, then click on the control bar settings menu icon, to then change the subs to "off"... wait until the HUD overlay turns off, to then be able to take a screenshot. Binding the toggle subs on/off to a key like "S" would really help speed up this process.

- It would be really really nice if the player had an option (when in fullscreen mode) to let us toggle the visibility of the HUD overlay via a key. I.e. when you press a key, or pause the anime (Space), or move the mouse pointer none of them make the anime overlay show up, only when you press the "allow HUD overlay" key, e.g. press Alt, will the overlay be shown again as normal. Again when taking clean screenshots this would really help to not have to wait for the overlay timeout to remove the overlay again.

- Fullscreen mode -> control bar -> settings icon -> Quality... there used to be a way to tell crunchyroll under profile/user settings that you *always* want to view anime at 1080p, such an option I have not been able to find though. Via Settings Icon -> Quality you get "Auto" by default, or you can manually set it to 1080p manually. Since this setting reset after each episode having a option to lock it down, once and for all, would be very much appreciated.

- The M-key does a toggle mute... good. It would be nice to be able to control the player volume via Cursor Up/Cursor Down keys though as well. Please.

- When in fullscreen mode, "mouse-over" the control bar icons of the player, you will then see the tool tips after a moment, e.g. when over the speaker icon is shows "Mute"... it would help newcomers to CR immensely to have those tool tips also show the corresponding key shortcut. In this case "Mute (M)" (also "Play (Space)", "Fullscreen (F)", etc.), as a reminder.

- Faster anime timeline scrolling might also be very useful Shift+Left Arrow/Shift+Right Arrow skip back/forward by e.g. 1 minute/60 seconds.

Thanks for the hard work.
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Posted one hour ago , edited 6 hours from now
Try Changing the subtitles to English (us) that should work
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