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Posted 9/26/18 , edited 9/27/18
What are some really bad tropes/cliches that push it too far and force you turn it off?

heres mine

1. Bad acting

2. Slow and boring plot

3. Bad animation

4. cant speak english or has no subtitles

5. the movie or show is a waste of time

6. the giants, monsters. aliens are fake and by fake they are pretend

7. Characters are idiots and jerks

8. Characters are out of character

9. Nasty in the bed room humor cause sex sells but isnt funny

10. painfuly old men in drag

11. Plot holes

12. Horrible music

13. Random and sudden ear rape

14. characters die too fast but there is still movie time left so is it over yet?

15. Cliff hangers and bad endings

16. Predictable plot

17. Disney's straight to dvd dlc movie crap
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Posted 9/30/18 , edited 10/1/18
Repetitive storylines. This is why I don't watch shows like CSI, Criminal Minds or NCIS.
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Posted 10/15/18 , edited 10/15/18
well, if I don't see favourite (ok, at least familiar ) actors on the screen I will be probably prejudiced already. So any hint of 1. bad acting, 2. boring plot etc. - will make turn it off for sure!
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