Looking to have my problem solved or my subscription cancelled

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Posted 10/12/18 , edited 10/12/18
Ok, so I've been charged twice for a subscription to Crunchy Roll.

Annoying, but it's my fault. I can't recall what I did, but I think in attempting to try and get my subscription working I purchased it twice.

You know what's really Farking fun about this whole situation?

Bought twice,


So let me get this straight. You're gonna charge me, twice, not give me any help or support, and then just go silent? I got ONE email. I replied to it, asking a question, did NOT get a reply back.

Checking (just now) I have 3 one dollar verification's on my page. Which is really strange cause at max I had 2 purchases.


Usually I am a pretty calm dude. But this is the worse than Funimation. I cancelled on them when I couldn't log into to use their terrible website. Now I'm deciding to go back to Crunchy Roll, and they charge me, don't upgrade my account, and then GHOST ME.

So something needs to happen. Either I need a full farking refund on BOTH charges, or I need to get some compensation, either a free month or something to deal with this bull shit.

I've wanted to watch anime for THREE DAYS.

Do I have to go to that famous pirating site to watch my shows? Is that what your telling me?

Seriously. I want to be calm, cool, collected. But this is the second time I've had bad customer service from you guys, and the 3rd from an anime subscription service.

Seriously, pissed off right now. I want this problem solved today. :\

I am not yelling at any staff member in particular. But this out of hand. There is no way that it should take this long to fix a problem that you caused.

(your site only offers free trials into subscriptions, so instead of just giving you money to subscribe I've had to go through this bull shit process)

Fix this.



Thank you.
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Posted 10/12/18 , edited 10/12/18
Been a good 9 hours. Really starting to get pissed off.

Or is this the kind of subscription where you buy the pass and have to wait and entire fucking month to get it?
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