SOUL'd Out Fans?

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Posted 10/14/18 , edited 10/14/18
I'm assuming other Jojo fans here likely listen to them or have heard about them just because the series and the band seem to correlate but I've never actually discussed the group with anyone. They have really good music.
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Posted 11/15/18 , edited 11/15/18
That was a shame that they broke up. I bought single collection first then dig into older albums then newer albums after. I'm a Japanese and I'm wondering how native english speakers think about their style.
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Posted 1/15/19 , edited 1/15/19
Longtime SO fan here since 2002!! I've followed these guys for so long, they were one of the first Japanese groups I got into. I used to stay up late when I was a teen to see them on a Japanese music show on the old International channel that would come on at like 3am in the morning.

My favorite songs: To All The Dreamers, Love Peace and Soul, 1,000,000 Monsters Attack, Tokyo Urbz Communication, Flyte Time, Alive, Magenta Magenta- and more. xD While Shinnosuke was usually a pretty background personality, Bro.Hi and Diggy were a combo that really worked and even in some of their singles some folks find cringy, there's just something loveable about them I've always enjoyed.
SO definitely has tons of heart, and I think all 3 of them will continue to go places in the music world, especially Diggy Mo, I don't see him stopping.
They had a really good run, I'm sad too that they broke up, but I'm thankful for the pretty good size library they did release.
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