Error logging in to Manga app on Android

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M / Philadelphia
Posted 10/22/18 , edited 10/22/18
When I try to login to the manga app on my android tablet I get the error message:

org.json.JSONException: End of input character 0 of

This is only an issue with the manga app. I can login to the main app fine.
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M / swamp
Posted 10/26/18 , edited 10/27/18
having this exact same issue on my android phone
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Posted 11/8/18 , edited 11/8/18
Same problem here...
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33 / M
Posted 12/18/18 , edited 12/19/18
Is there no fix for this yet? No one cares?
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Posted 12/26/18 , edited 12/27/18
As I've noticed, It is happening in devices with Android 4.X.

I had a Tablet with Android 4.0, and I have this issue.
It is happening to Manga APP and Anime APP too.

I had had Android 6,7 devices with no problem with the devices.

BTW. If you have Mozilla Firefox Android APP installed, it is capable to display the Videos through Crunchyroll webpage (I guess, due to HTML5 support), but Chrome don't.

Unfortunately, It is not the case for the Crunchyroll Manga Webpage.
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