Naruto (Original series) lost its english subs?

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Posted 11/19/18 , edited 12/2/18
I went to rewatch the original naruto series to find out that suddenly it doesnt have English subtitles? but only : Español, Español (España), Português (Brasil), Deutsch and is default to Deutsch for me and I have no idea why this is happening so if anyone can help me out it would be appreciated.
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Posted 12/28/18 , edited 12/28/18
Hey man! I have the same problem but not at first. I started watching and in the second season the english subtitles disappeard.. Even though there wasw english subtitles there wasnt an english subtitle alternative... I tried out some things to try to fix it and it got fixed for about 2 episodes... then they were gone again... So since you posted this a while ago i was just wondering if you come up with a solution??
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