Where is the new chapter of "Farewell my dear Cramer"?

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Posted 11/20/18 , edited 11/20/18
It's been two weeks since the release of chapter 30 of "Farewell my dear Cramer", but there are no signs of it in the manga app (or in this site) yet. Aren't you going to publish it anymore?
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Posted 11/26/18 , edited 11/27/18
Yes, I agree. It was released November 5th, on Comixology. I understand Manga's not Crunchyroll's primary revenue stream, but I'd rather not pay twice to read a story I'm enjoying. This is a consistent occurrence, too. I'd discontinue my subscription, but, as you know, Crunchyroll has a nice selection of current Anime. I just wish you published Manga the way you do Anime. Please get this sorted out. Thank you.
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