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Seeing is Sony Is Taking Away Our Anime

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Posted 13 days ago , edited 13 days ago

dhristo1 wrote:
Aesthetica has a very close following. Personally, I could take it or leave it. It's sales tanked when the writer of the manga moved on. The manga is done, no more show. See, I put the bait in to see who is there to take it, I specifically said that this isn't about individual titles, but what industry insiders have said and done.

You said it wasn't about individual titles then you gave an individual title as an example of proof. It was not. Trying to go "haha I troll u" now doesn't change the fact the proof you offered of your argument doesn't support your argument.

dhristo1 wrote:
Nope. You are making the mistake of assuming to know what I mean other than what I said. I said "oriented towards a male audience." I didn't say they are removing tits, or even sexually charged shows. But very specifically, those oriented towards men.

All your examples involved tits and fan service. Your thesis statement begins with a complaint that publishers are refusing to work with shows with fan service ( I'm not touching the idea of "plot relevant" fan service ). You then use that as an argument for why shows you like are disappearing. Ergo, shows you like are obviously the ones with this type of fan service.

You then segued into a complain about a reduction in male oriented entertainment on the back of revealing the shows you like which are disappearing are the ones with said fan service.

I'm not making an assumption.. I'm reading your argument as you yourself laid it out.

dhristo1 wrote:
Oh, but they do. Regardless of the bottom line effect.

You're talking to the country that gave the world shitting dick nipples. Japanese companies are not on the forefront of social awareness nor are they likely to change their ways out of said social awareness. Janet Jackson's nipple didn't traumatize Japan. It traumatized America and Sony is trying to sell to the American market.

dhristo1 wrote:
Also, I'm arguing against politics in anime, not for it. So any politics in anime are a nuisance to me, even if I agree with them.

No, you sound like you're arguing against the ever present American bogeyman of Political Correctness(tm) and trying to apply it to Japanese business culture.

dhristo1 wrote:I have CNN and MSNBC,

You have my sympathies. >.>

dhristo1 wrote:
I'm not going to argue with you simply because the rest of the arguments are nonsensical.

I don't see how pointing out how Japanese censorship laws work or that corporations are profit oriented is "nonsensical". You also bailed on providing evidence for the motivations behind Funimation's licensing. That leaves you at 0-2 in trying to support your argument so far.

If you can't support your argument it doesn't mean the counterpoints are nonsensical. Either explain yourself better and/or provide evidence to support your argument. If you've got evidence I'll look at it and assess it. But if you bail on a request for evidence I'll consider you not having had a substantive argument to begin with.

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