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Hayate no Gotoku!

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37 / M / Canada
Posted 8/13/07 , edited 8/14/07
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25 / M / In front of the c...
Posted 8/13/07 , edited 8/14/07
Episode 20 was awesome, it made my day =D. Quite a bit of parodies in this one. Nagi has awesome karaoke skills! A new rivalry has started =D, though it seems Nishizawa won't have a chance at all. Anyway, needs more Hinagiku! xD Can't wait for the next ep
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32 / M / around the corner...
Posted 8/13/07 , edited 8/14/07
over all its funny.. but if u red the manga its hella 10000x funnyer.. cuz they dont censor the things they say.. n if u havent kntice.. some of the move/ pose they do r like taken from series.. like very very.. on the spot.. lol.. xD
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Posted 8/13/07 , edited 8/14/07
Is anyone reading the manga? -- I'm wondering how closely this anime follows after it.
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Behind you...
Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
So many parodies and references... this series is awesome.
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26 / M / London
Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
I haven't read the manga so I'm sticking on anime.
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26 / F / NO
Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
im sure the manga is good, but it does not seem like something you can manga...
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Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
i really like nagi's voice actress (she was in zero no tsukihama too)

but hayate... bleh blue hair, kinda looks like a chick, girly voice just kills the mood, they shoulda gone with a more normal look

yea theres alot of stereotype looking romance/comedy normal looking guy char design but it works, its neither annoying or too arrogant looking
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26 / F / Far away from you
Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
whoa so much information
Posted 8/14/07 , edited 8/14/07
Rawr, to think that Maria-san actually loves karaoke. I'm surprised.
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Posted 8/16/07 , edited 8/16/07
im starting to give up on the show (on episode 14 and hayate annoys me like hell)

they need to give nagi more dialogue, need more of that cute voice she got, but instead half the show is hayate complaining about something

Rie Kugimiya (rizelmine/zero tsukihama) and Rie Tanaka(lacus gseed) voices are kinda wasted really, punk hayate talks too much
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26 / M / London
Posted 8/16/07 , edited 8/16/07
I think Nagi's seiyuu is the same as Shana (from shakugan no shana) and Louise (from Zero no Tsukaima)

I think this anime is released on the same time Seto no Hanayome is released... (almost)
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Posted 8/16/07 , edited 8/17/07

AnimeFrEaK90 wrote:

Good, funny anime, although I don't always get what the beeped out words are. and I like Hayate

yea i dunt get some of them, i dunt even think its funny at all

*taken from the other hayate thread*

Episode 1
5:23 — The boy wearing the number 56 Yokohama Blue Oceans uniform (BO on the hat) is Goro from Major
7:05 — “Investing in dreams” is a euphemism for gambling. In Episode 11, Hayate says “gambling” anyway.
7:21 — Ikari Gendo, Neon Genesis Evangelion
7:35 — Pink Pikachu
10:20 — Telephone advertisement is a picture of Dorothy from MÄR.
10:37 — Hayate’s life is worth 21.5 million yen. 5 million for his brain, 1.5 million for his corneas, 3 million for his liver, 12 million for his heart, and 10 yen for something at his knees (bone marrow?).
11:30 — A Dog of Flanders is an English novel by Marie Louise de la Ramée. Nello is the main character; Patrache is his dog.
13:24 — “Not even my father hit me” are famous lines of Amuro Ray from Mobile Suit Gundam
17:10 — Kanon, Episode 22, 20:30
20:29 — Hayate is moving like Eva Unit 01

Episode 2
10:12, 10:19, 10:21 — “Gundam”
10:31 — “Foolishness caused by youth”, a quote from Mobile Suit Gundam
14:14 — Detective Conan
15:59 — Optimus Prime
16:36 What game console is that?
18:04 — Going Merry, the caravel from One Piece
18:06 — Jack, MÄR (Spiky-haired guy in the back)
18:11 — Dutch and Revy from Black Lagoon
18:16 — “Pirate King”, “Cross-shaped ocean”, and the straw hat Hayate is wearing are from One Piece

Episode 3
0:36 — Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
3:25 — Detective Conan
5:58 — Cactuar, a cacti like monster from Final Fantasy
4:15 — Forty-eight killer techniques and fifty-two submissions are the 100 special techniques taught to Kinnikuman by Prince Kamehame
6:06 — “Sony”, “Aibo”
10:11 — Cyclamen
13:48 — Longinus Lances, Neon Genesis Evangelion
14:19 — Hayate having two more transformation left is a reference to Freeza from Dragon Ball Z
14:33 — “Freeza”
17:19 — Mukku, from Ponkikizu. (When the robot tries to hit Nagi.)
19:46 — “Buster Cholerae”, either “Buster Collider” from Gunbuster or “Buster Call” from One Piece.
24:23 — “Have you ever felt the cosmos around you?”, Saint Seiya

Episode 4
Title: First Mission - This is Snake. No One’s Responding — Metal Gear Solid
0:15 — Detective Conan
0:30 — “NEET” is “Not in Employment, Education, or Training”
0:50 — “Pocket Monsters”, “Pikachu”
4:45 — Suginami Ward, 34.02 km² big in Tokyo
5:08 — Ashita no Joe. Hayate also has the same hair as Joe in this scene
5:28 — Saint Seiya. Yukiji attacks with Pegasus Ryuusei Ken, then later uses Diamond Dust. The cosmos that Hayate refers to is where Saints get their power from
7:50 — Minami Haruo, an enka singer
8:15 — Hayate looks like Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. At 8:22, like what Snake does in the game, Hayate avoids detection by hiding under a cardboard box.
13:36 — “Vana’diel”, Final Fantasy XI
15:17 — “Gundam”
17:25 — The rose gate and the elevator in the student council tower is from Shoujo Kakumei Utena
18:28 — “Aku Soku Zan”, Saito’s motto from Rurouni Kenshin
18:44 — Hinagiku (Utena) and Yukiji’s (Anthy) sword fighting style is from Shoujo Kakumei Utena
19:01 — The sword Hinagiku wields is the Sword of Dios from Shoujo Kakame Utena
19:11 — “Yukichi” appears on the 10000 yen banknote
19:19 — Yukiji has a Newtype flash
20:06 — Utena spolier Yukiji almost falls off the tower like Anthy Himemiya does in Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Hakuou Academy resembles Westminster Palace and Big Ben
The arch hallway that Hayate walks through and the patio tables that Risa, Miki, and Izumi is sitting at near the end of the episode can be seen around Ohtori Academy, the school in Shoujo Kakumei Utena
Cha-bou the chick was never in Shoujo Kakumei Utena, but Touga Kiryuu always mention that the student council is a chick
Hinagiku shows off her tights to Hayate. Utena from Shoujo Kakumei Utena always wears tights with her uniform

Episode 5
7:49 — Faiz Crimson Smash from Kamen Rider
7:50 — Gegege no Kitarou
7:51 — Gu gu Ganmo
8:39 — Belle, MÄR
8:40 — Shana, Shakugan no Shana
8:31 — Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist
These are all roles voiced by Kugimiya Rie who does Nagi.
9:55 — “Nai Nai” & “Downtown”, popular Japanese comedy teams.
10:45 — Hayate’s one-shot gag is Dandy Sakano’s “Gets” pose
13:34 — Pachi Pachi Punch is the name of a gag by Jiji Shinkigeki
14:25 — Detective Conan
14:39 — The delivery man is Santa.
15:04 — Ginta & Dorothy from MÄR. A picture of Babbo is on Ginta’s shirt
16:47 — Hayate talking to himself is almost identical to a scene from Neon Genesis Evangelion. (Except Shinji says, “I must not run away.”)
19:42 — “Ultraman” & “Bestar”
20:33 — “oro” text around Isumi, a meaningless expression from Rurouni Kenshin
24:26 — “You will see the tears of time”, Zeta Gundam

Episode 6
2:15 — Detective Conan manga
2:23 — Pikachu. It’s blue here, but at 16:22 it’s yellow.
3:13 — Instant loan advertisement with Dorothy (MÄR)
8:30 — “Ji~" is an action word, used in manga, for staring.
8:53 — “Kenshiro”, Fist of the North Star
10:45 — “Mr. Ajikko” & “Gourmet”
11:25 — Downtown, not censored this time.
12:10 — Detective Conan statue
14:39 — Inuyasha statue (near right), Babbo from MÄR (middle right)
17:07 — Ranma statue
18:28 — Another Conan statue
19:59 — “Minovsky Drive”, Gundam UC
24:26 — “Service. Service”, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Episode 7
“Man’s Fight”, also the title of Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 19.
4:33 — Items thrown include Nadja Orumuzuyo, the goddess that appears in the manga, a flowerpot, an apple, two lobsters, a coffee pot, a large bottle, an orange.
7:41 — Inuyasha (Wataru) and Sesshomaru (Hayate). Wataru uses the “Kaze no Kizu” attack.
10:30 — Streetcar GO! (on XBox)
10:44 — Siberia Super Express is a Japanese movie and Orient Express appeared in TV shows, movies, and books
11:37 — “Koubu” and Tiasho Era, Sakura Taisen
13:03 — Ayumu is in a Baskin Robbins ice cream store.
13:43 — Construction worker is Santa.
14:04 — “Griffon”, Patlobar
14:17 - 15:58 — Patlabor episode 38 parody
Titles in the video store include “Ooyasha” (Inuyasha) and “Ueki ga Kisoku” (Law of Ueki).
20:00 — “Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann” Inoue Marina, the voice of Wataru, is also Yoko.
24:23 — “I’ll serve the Earth’s future nyan~", Tokyo Mew Mew

Episode 8
“Nekomimi Mode Sends You to Hell”, Tsukuyomi –Moon Phase–
9:22 — Shimei Ryomou, Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny
10:12 — Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Tuxedo Kamen)
10:37 — Kamen Rider
10:59 — Lupin III
13:38 — Detective Conan
13:52 — ? statue
15:05 — “Rikishiman”
24:23 — “3×3 Eyes” and “triclops”

Episode 9
“Elohim Essaim”, a Gegege no Kitarou live-action movie. Was also the name of a spell in Urusei Yatsura.
“Mr. Cow” and “Mr. Frog” from Pappetto Mappetto
8:37 & 21:51 — MÄR
11:40 — Risa is dressed as Sadako (Ringu). Yukiji is Dracula.
11:45 — “Sadako” (Ringu), “Kayako” (Ju-on), “Jason” (Friday the 13th), “Freddy” (Nightmare on Elm Street)
24:24 — “I’m on fire!”, NG Knight Lamune

episode 10

“King Squasher”

Episode 11
4:17 — Disney
10:43 — Levistone is from Laputa: Castle in the Sky
11:45 — Gihren Zabi from Mobile Suit Gundam
12:57 — The butlers are acting as kurokos, invisible stage hands
18:05 — Hayate’s imagination is a parody of a short tale from a 60 year old TV program “Shabondama Holiday”
19:29 — “Universe!” is a line from Captain Harry Ord from “Turn A Gundam”
Censored words:

Dragon Quest
Danshi of Rakugo
Compile (software company)
Puyo Puyo
Yafu Oku (Yahoo Auction)

Episode 12
4:10 — The spy from England is James Bond
7:46 — OTAKYU department store is a parody of Odakyu Department store in Tokyo
7:47 — Hayate’s 1Seg TV mobile phone is the au W15K
8:56 — Souya is a character from Kenjiro Hata’s previous work, Umi no Yūsha Lifesavers
12:21 — Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
13:27 — The vendor reminds Ayumu to pay for her taiyaki, unlike Tsukimiya Ayu from Kanon.
14:40 — Coach from Gunbuster. Another role by Wakamoto Norio.
14:50 — “Getsumen to Heiki Mina”
16:25 — “yakuza”
18:20 — “Inazuma Kick”, Gunbuster
21:45 — Kendama is a reference to Babbo from MAR and Carrot is a reference to Getsumen to Heiki Mina. Both shows along with Hayate no Gotoku were directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi.
21:50 — Andarta is one of Dorothy’s ÄRMs. Saki’s voice actor, Saki Nakajima, also does the voice of Dorothy from MÄR.
24:28 — “Run up to the stage of dreams!” is said at the end of the previews of Major

Episode 13
2:54 — Coach Anzai from Slam Dunk
3:35 — Takagi Yasushi from NANA
3:49 — Nanashi from MÄR
4:15 — Santa as the waiter
4:44 — “Inazuma Kick” (recap from episode 12)
6:15 — Hahuri, Yuki, and Mai in the band scene from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu (recap from episode 12)
7:01 — Nagi’s manga has Inuyasha on one side and Detective Conan on the other
9:30 — Cybuster’s Discutter, Sanshiki Zankantou, and Grungust’s Keitou Ragouken from Super Robot Wars
9:39 — Expanded Sanshiki Zankantou, KoRyuOh’s Sonic Javelin, Thrudgelmir Zankantou
In English, Zankantou is known as Colossal Blade, Discutter is known as Zephyr Sword, and Keitou Ragouken is known as Calamity Sword
11:59 — Dorothy and Babbo drawings on the wall
12:12 — Babbo shaped block
12:14 — Santa as the evaluator
14:46 — Hayate is learning English from a Moetan book.
15:48 — Star Wars opening text crawl
17:21 — Dorothy, Babbo, Belle, Chaton, and Snow are some of the character piled on Yukiji
19:50 — X-shaped scar on Hayate’s cheek like Rurouni Kenshin
24:27 — Zettai unmei mokushiroku (Absolute Destiny: Apocalypse) is the name of the battle song before Utena’s battles in Shoujo Kakumei Utena

Episode 14
4:09 — The woman on the left has the same hair as Sazae
5:24 — Dorayaki is Doraemon’s favorite food so Hina tells Yukiji that she’ll get along with him (the cat robot from the future)
6:24 — Hina’s loud breathing and the dark side coming out is from Star Wars
7:45 — Nagi wants Hayate to dress up as Lum from Urusei Yatsura
8:06 — “Okadaya’s Andromeda-yaki” from Gunbuster
8:09 — “Phantasia Green Turtle Bread” or Ja-pan #8, the bread Azuma makes in episode 17 of Yakitate!! Japan
11:14 — “Japan! Go desu!” (Japan! I’m go!) is a quote from “Go Hiromi”
13:13 — Taniguchi from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu in the back
17:31 — Yukiji is making the face from painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch
17:51 — “Princess Sarah”

Episode 15
Title: Mobile Vandam — Either Mobile Gundam or Mobile Radam from Tekkaman Blade
5:06 — Hayate pretends to be Heidi (Alps no Shoujo)
5:59 — Glass no Kamen (or Glass Mask)
6:07 — The 4-koma manga is Azumanga Daioh
11:32 — “Suke-san. Kaku-sa, Korashimete aganasai” - The finishing line from the samurai show “Mito Koumon”
13:31 — Rows of primary bodies from Tekkaman Blade
20:37 — Hayate’s warrior spirit splitting the rose petals is a Rurouni Kenshin reference
20:43 — “Hiten” Mitsurugi Ryu… is said by Kenshin before a special attack
24:20 — “Wipe away the tears beneath the mask” is from Tekkaman Blade
Censored words:

Char Aznable — The antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, and the movie Char’s Counterattack
Kimutaku — Short for Takuya Kimura, a member of SMAP
Tackey — Short for Hideaki Takizawa, famous actor and member of the J-pop duo Tackey & Tsubasa
Odajoe — Short for Odagiri Joe, an actor
Orlando (Bloom) — American actor (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Brad Pitt — American actor
Golgo 13
Snow Storm — A spell in Dragon Quest

Episode 16
3:12 — “Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku” or Hurricane Kick from Street Fighter
5:16 — DenGasher Sword form from Kamen Rider Den-O
6:52 — DenGasher Axe form from Kamen Rider Den-O
8:04 — Akado Suzunosuke
9:53 — “Ryuuko Ranbu”, Ryo Sakazaki’s super move from Art of Fighting/King of Fighters (QCF, HCB + P)
9:54 — “Hyakki Moshuu Ken”, Eiji Shinjo’s desperation move from Battle Arena Toshinden (HCB, HCF + Hard Slash)
10:38 — Hayate in a New York Yankees Uniform
11:11 — “Buffaloman” and “Kinniku Buster!”
11:15 — Meat Alexandria from Kinnikuman has the word meat written on his forehead in hiragana. Hayate’s meat is written in kanji
17:26 — “Klaus-kun’s Glutton! Wonderful!” (or Klaus’ Kuishinbou! Mansai!) is a parody of Matsuoka Shuuzou’s Kuishinbou! Bansai
17:28 — “Jack Bauer” imitation from the American TV show 24
17:48 — “Convoy” (or Optimus Prime)
17:51 — “Autobots, transform and roll out!” - Optimus Prime catchphrase
18:26 — From the Windows of Trains Around the World (Zen Sekai no Shasou kara) is a parody of Sekai no Shasou kara
18:27 — The train is the DenLiner from Kamen Rider Den-O
18:32 — Owner (of the DenLiner) carrying his favorite pudding snack with a flag from Kamen Rider Den-O
18:55 — Momotaros from Kamen Rider Den-o carrying Naomi’s coffee
19:04 — Hana from Kamen Rider Den-o
19:21 — “Kyo no Wanko” (or Today’s Puppy)
19:21 — Edward from MÄR replaces the dog from the original logo
19:39 — Statue of Gash and Umagon from Konjiki no Gash Bell
19:48 — Klaus House Exploration (Klaus no Otaku Tanbou) is a parody of Watanabe Atsushi no Tatemono Tanbou
19:56 — Nagi using a VAIO notebook computer
20:22 — Painting of a dark Dejiko from Di Gi Charat
20:22 — Painting of Medama Oyaji from GeGeGe no Kitaro taking a bath in a bowl
24:25 — “Come get us if you dare!” is said at the end of Pumpkin Scissors’ preview


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29 / M
Posted 8/16/07 , edited 8/17/07
Its hard to believe that Maria-san is only 17.
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Posted 8/18/07 , edited 8/19/07
I despise the main character.

Why does a girl play him?
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