I want to voice over a movie clip

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Posted 12/4/18 , edited 12/4/18
I want to put my own voice over the movie clip you know, like "I am Batman" in the Batman Begins movie except with my own voice you know. My voice isn't that deep but you know, I think it would fit nicely with the movie. Anime is a bit too emo, but you know like the movie Elysium, with Matt Damon, when he puts his "the happening" face across the scene and do something totally cool, like how he grenades the other guy, man that was awesome you know what I mean? I want to do that, it shows how much sh*t a man has to go through to put up with life. And in the end he couldn't articulate well, like yar take care with your daughter.

If I must say most of the super heroes don't articulate well when they get serious (Tony included), but they are totally smart you know what I mean?
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Posted 12/10/18 , edited 12/11/18
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Posted 12/11/18 , edited 12/11/18
I want you to speak for all super heros Fred

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Posted 12/13/18 , edited 12/13/18
I'm going to need a voice clip sample before I put this forward to my board of directors.
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