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Posted 12/22/18 , edited 1/16/19
I'd like to be able to watch or listen to videos while using other apps. I can do this with Chrome, YouTube, VLC, Netflix, etc, but the Crunchyroll app closes the video and dumps the buffer anytime I focus on another app - this includes multiwindow view. Ultimately this dissuades me from using the app because I want to use my phone for other things and I can easily find other videos to stream on any of the services listed above. Is it possible this is just a setting I've missed?
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Posted 12/23/18 , edited 12/23/18
I agree, picture-in-picture and multitasking support would be a great addition to the app.
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Posted 10/25/19 , edited 10/26/19
Gonna necro this post since I don't see a point in making a new one.
It's ridiculous that such a popular company and streaming site puts so little effort into their application services. Give picture in picture support already, doing split screen drains the battery and is a pain in the ass to get working properly.
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Posted 11/11/19 , edited 11/11/19
I am surprised there is no Picture in picture feature for Crunchyroll. I always found the app to be easy to use on iPad
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Posted 12/1/19 , edited 12/1/19
Well, for non-japanese speakers, the inclusion of a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode in the Crunchyroll app would be of no use since this mode presently cannot display subtitles while most of Crunchyroll's content are in Japanese.

(Besides, it would be implausible to implement subtitles in the Picture-in-Picture feature as they will be too small to read unless the PiP window can be made resizable.)

For Android users who understand Japanese, the solution is viewing Crunchyroll's content through Chrome (or Firefox), which includes the PiP mode. (This doesn't work with Samsung Internet, at least for me.)

For non-japanese speaking users, the alternative is to open the Crunchyroll app in split-screen mode so they can watch shows with subtitles while using another app simultaneously. If they experience a buffering issue with Crunchyroll's app while in split-screen mode, they can go to Crunchyroll's website via Chrome (in split-screen mode also).
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