How can I choose not to see Dubs in the Updated tab?

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Posted 1/2/19 , edited 1/3/19
I speak 4 languages, 3 as fluently as a local, but none of those are Spanish or Portuguese. How can I make it so that Dubs for old shows don't clutter the Updates tab? I'm tired of receiving a micro orgasm only to be massively disappointed when the phrase (X Dub) is attached to the title of a show I am anticipating a continuation for.

P.S. What's the deal with your "calendar"? Here's a hint, you use a calendar to mark things in the future, so you, or your viewers, can plan. Things that have happened are put into a diary.
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Posted 1/3/19 , edited 1/3/19
I would also like to see this feature. Currently new shows I am interested in on that page are getting buried by old ones re-released with dubs I have no interest in watching, because I have already seen them with English subtitles.

This decreases usability on the page equivalent to scattering random sponsor or advertisement tiles in the same grid.
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