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The Rising of the Shield Hero Discussion

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Posted 12 minutes ago , edited 23 seconds ago
You see if you can say something like this

> Sighs, why not?
Since you are giving no information about the waves other than a time line, why wouldn't we assume they were all the same?

With apparent certainty

When episode 1 has a line like this

You've kind of thrown your "reasoned critique" argument under the bus

I may have said this before but it's worth repeating, go back and actually watch the show and you'll be a whole lot less confused

Dukino16 wrote:

Yeah you really have no idea.

I think that's a good general observation about SV

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Posted 10 minutes ago , edited 7 hours from now

Azepael wrote:

Silentveil wrote:

So, really what hardship is left?

To be honest, I think the hardship has sailed and sunk at this point.
Oh how little you know

Right!?!?!? This is gonna be fun the next couple of weeks. Episodes like 8-14 ought to show what's up
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Posted 2 minutes ago , edited 7 hours from now
Every one relax

here have a chuckle
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