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The Promised Neverland Discussion

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Posted 4/8/19 , edited 4/9/19
Look at me being ridiculously late but still selfish enough to rope people into talking.

Shenseiken wrote:

I liked this last episode with a bunch of caveats.

I'm always happy when people see more than I do. Thanks for the analysis. I don't know why more people aren't making the Agent Coulson joke.

I'm not sure there's much more to add, other than that after a few days I think my feeling that the last episode was a disappointment has solidified. Things were too clean.

But that means I should talk about physics instead:

borderliner wrote:

auroraloose wrote:

The hanger would definitely break if it weren't a metal beam.

You sure?

Well... experiment beats conjecture every time

I weigh > 70kg and I just took a hanger from the wardrobe (a proper wooden one of course) and hung off it no problem bar a few scary creaks.

My excuse is that I'm a theorist — I say shit all the time without checking if it's actually true. Thus I'll theory-weasel my way out of this: I could imagine a thick, sturdy wooden hanger being able to take the raw weight when balanced appropriately. But a human body ziplining is dynamic, and the forces and torques on the hanger wouldn't all point in the direction the hanger is strongest. I'd also be afraid of the hanger slipping off alignment and snapping at the end where the top part connects to the bottom.

But to be fair, 70 kg is a lot for a wooden hanger to hold, so ya got me.
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