Modest Heroes

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Posted 5 days ago , edited 5 days ago
I saw Modest Heroes (an anthology of three short films) last night at the theater.

Though it was only about an hour long, it was worth it and I enjoyed all three films, both in terms of story (modest) and animation.

This was available (in some US theaters) via Fathom Events yesterday subtitled--a dubbed version is in theaters tomorrow (Sat Jan 12).

If you saw it, what did you think?

IF you didn't see it yet, do you have plans to watch the dub, or track down the sub (I expect it will be available on BD before long)?

Annoying occurrence during the screening I was at: Partway into the first film, it just stopped--image froze on screen. Turns out some well-meaning but ignorant patron had reported to staff that the subtitles were missing. Um, yeah, the reason there were no subtitles was because none of the characters were saying anything (except each others' names). Once several people in the audience explained that to the staff who visited our auditorium to tell us about this apparent problem with the file they were sent (and offered to show us the dub instead (uh, nothankyou)) things went smoothly and it was a pleasant evening.
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Posted 5 days ago , edited 4 days ago
I'm glad you had fun. This seems like a truly enjoyable film. I'm actually excitedly anticipating it hitting DVD or Blu. As for sub or dub; while I usually find myself disappointed in English language dubs, I may actually give this one a try due to Maggie Q's involvement. I always liked her as an actress. That said, if I try the dub I'll also be getting the sub as it's my preferred translation style. The Japanese voice cast on this one seems truly amazing.
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Posted 4 days ago , edited 4 days ago
I liked the film but the showing had all sorts of problems. First the starting time was delayed for an hour then when the film finally was running there wasn't any sound except the faint music and announcements that play before the movie starts. The subtitled version was supposed be played but we actually got the dubbed version instead which was fine with me since I wanted to see that version but will be working when it's scheduled to play.

At the end there's an interview with the movie's overall producer and we find the original plan was to have 4 shorts by different directors in the movie not 3. Unfortunately, the 4th person Isao Takahata got ill and pass away before he could put anything together. Maggie Q was also interviewed explaining how she approached the role of the mother in the 2nd short. To top off the glitch plagued night, the sound was turned off toward the end and then the video so I'm not to sure what the main producer's last thoughts was during the interview were.
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