Beyond Super - Dragon Ball Manga enters new Arc

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Posted 1/20/19 , edited 1/21/19
So the Dragon Ball Super manga is continuing beyond the Tournament of Power and Broly with a brand new arc

Goku and Vegeta have joined the Galactic Patrol and are after a 10 million year old evil wizard, once defeated by the Grand Kai (before Buu ate him)

Things of Note - Galactic Patrol has been around for 10 million years, and while Jaco is the only one we've really seen till it turns out they have some pretty competent guys (Including one who puts poor Burter's "fastest in the universe title" to shame). Plus their tranq guns seem to be impressive.
Galactic Patrol apparently does oppose Frieza's forces. The guy who helped our new Big Bad break out is one of Frieza's soldiers who had been arrested. A Soldier who happens to know about Namek, and the Dragon Balls

Guess where our new Big Bad is heading?

Newest chapters of Dragon ball super can be read legally for free at the Viz web site.
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