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Posted 1/31/19 , edited 2/1/19
I posted this under help before, but since this is where the creative people are, it might be better to ask here. I want to become a script writer and make my own anime and video games, but I don't know how to get into the field. Can anyone offer any suggestions?
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Posted 1/31/19 , edited 14 days ago
be japanese
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Posted 2/1/19 , edited 2/1/19
you could try some creative writing classes, they will/can give you the basics in doing script writing. there are also plenty of sites online, as well as books (even the dreaded yet helpful ...for dummies books. they are simple to read and understand). also, it's a good idea to have some knowledge of writing in general or it's going to result in you having to learn more than one thing. as for gaming, that one is more complex haven't really ever ventured into looking into that but I'm sure there are self help book/sites for that as well. depends on the game genre/s you're looking for as well. VN are basically scripts vs any actual play time, whereas first person shooters and the likes is different.
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Posted 2/2/19 , edited 2/3/19

You say that now. You want to work in the field? You like shit pay and long hours? Go for it

I dont want to get into the field, I want to make the field. Fuck trying to bust my ass for people.

I do things on my own, but its nice to have good connections and friends who know a thing or two about business.

You think this is what you want to do.

I didnt ask for anything. I didnt try to get help.

If youre good enough, people will want you, people will go out of their way to get you. Facts

Im a nobody, a worthless nobody, I will never suceed. I want people to see me that way so it makes it easier laughing at them
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Posted 2/3/19 , edited 2/4/19
I think you can practice by simply watching how others do it. Making your own anime and video game requires art, writing, and much more to that. It might take a very long time to get into the field. Start by watching others, like watching YouTube videos. Branch out towards art, find interest in writing.

Overall, good luck! <3 My piece of advice might be a bit smaller (maybe even nothing) compared to others, but still. I did my best.
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Posted 5/7/19 , edited 5/7/19
Hi. I am a software developer and have done some game development, so I can provide some ideas on entering that field. I've also been interested in screenwriting and have done a little research in that area.

First, for game development, if you are interested in it as a career and want to be a programmer, most companies will probably want you to have at least a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and they will want you to have already shipped a few games. However, if you can develop a really good portfolio--for example, make a few indie games that become hits, or that at least look and play well--then a degree is not necessarily required. I have seen people who didn't have a college degree hired for animation jobs at video game companies, for example. But if you want to have an idea of the range of the skills sought and read some articles, there are of course various websites that might be useful, that some industry professionals are also on, like GameDev, Gamasutra, and maybe GameCareerGuide. If you want to start creating your own games, the easiest way is probably with authoring tools like Construct and GameMaker, which are highly capable on their own, but if you want something even more advanced but not necessarily too difficult, you can try tools like Unity or Unreal Engine. I believe these all are still free-to-use, or free to an extent, or have free versions, and Epic Games, of the Unreal Engine, may still provide grants to those with promising works. I feel the ideal tool is one that has simple drag and drop or point and click type capability to produce entire games, but which also includes a programming language you can use to script more complex functionality. Something like Construct 3 has drag and drop, but lets you write code in JavaScript. I would say the general movement today in terms of programming games that can automatically run on multiple platforms is more in the direction of JavaScript with HTML5 for generally simpler games, which will run in multiple browsers and can be packaged for mobile phones with technology like Apache Cordova / Phonegap. Large 3d games can actually be developed in HTML5 and JavaScript via WebGL and / or Emscripten. Emscripten lets you write code in C++ and automatically convert it to work in a browser, and has been used, for example, to port Unreal Engine 3 to the browser fairly well. The type of programming skills most companies today would want for game development would be somewhat complex languages like C++ or C# for high performance games, and scripting languages like Python, Lua, and JavaScript. Use a whole authoring tool to make your life easier, or write games from scratch using just a programming language, text editor (Sublime Text, Programmer's Notepad, etc.), and compiler. Then self-publish on platforms like Steam, or The Unreal Engine or other marketplaces and app stores. You generally can't just submit ideas and so forth to companies seeking them to publish it, as they usually don't accept such requests for legal reasons. Though you can certainly try. For example, Nintendo has "third party publisher" contact links you can submit a proper proposal to, and you may or may not get a reply. You have to really do a lot of work and research into what companies like that are looking for in a proposal, and you at least need to show something visual to them, preferably a demo, to get them interested. But it is commonly stated that working in the game industry, under someone else, may not always be as desirable as one thinks due to working conditions, particularly more towards a game's release date, and so one may prefer the indie, self-publishing route.

Producing an anime can be highly expensive. Most companies could charge you over a million dollars per episode, for example. If you're wanting to make one yourself, most of the programs you might use will probably be Adobe's line of products. For script writing, I might try looking at various contest sites for inspiration, as there are always several tv and film writing contests running year-round, which you can find on sites like FilmFreeway. You'll inevitably find various links to sites which have other helpful information in the area of screenwriting. Great books normally promoted to help with film writing particularly would be "The Screenwriter's Bible". And you might inevitably want to check out different Writer's Guild websites, for example, where you can do things like register your works.

I could talk quite a bit more on these subjects, but I suppose this is enough for now. Hope it helps!
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