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CR shutdowns

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Posted 22 days ago , edited 22 days ago
We don't need a documentary series about how anime impacted lives. We don't need a Crunchyroll convention. We don't need HGS. We need Crunchyroll to fix their site.
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Posted 20 days ago , edited 20 days ago
Crunchyroll is experiencing major hardware issues and software stability issues! The platform has been experiencing App errors my iOS devices display this error for weeks every video! Crunchyroll lacks the staff and talent to offer a stable platform. Investment has been lacking in servers and talent! I wish the Japanese side would force Crunchyroll to either get serious about its platforms stability or loom to Google or Amazon to offer a stable service! YouTube just works constantly even the TubiTV app is more stable! Funimation had the right idea by teaming up with Hulu a stable consistent platform. Crunchyrolls apps frequently crash and it’s website has remained unstable for weeks with consistent errors and webpage unavailability. Japan needs to take notice of this sites stability issues. The VRV app simply fails
To play videos on iOS devices for a majority of time. Crunchyroll never responds or upgrades despite these issues ongoing!
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Posted 19 days ago , edited 19 days ago
Looks like they at least fixed the problem with the broken images in the queue.
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Posted 18 days ago , edited 18 days ago

AniMatsuri wrote:

I can't shake the feeling that all the errors this site keeps piling up is because they are cutting corners so streaming which is the core can continue to operate.. I wonder what function will go off line next? .

I suspected similar. Until I figured out something kinda big.

Users will 99.99% chance never get PMs back.

How I figured this out is simple: My friend and myself accidentally stumbled on a user with legit porn and nasty tags on their profile, so reported the user in question. Within minutes, they had a 1000 year ban. Fitting, yes, but it proves staff still has PMs available to use. Plus, as a test afterwards, I tried to get in my inbox. You know how normally, it will say something along the lines of "This feature is currently temporarily disabled. Please try again later."? It didn't say anything. At all. Plus I've been getting forced to do a captcha code to even access the site if I hit the back button. The site is in extremely dire straits at this point, as you cannot see/make forums in groups, for example. All the pervs that use CR are migrating to discord, which is currently being investigated by the FBI. CR is hiding something quite big as we have no official word from them in almost 3 months. According to some people, the PMs have been down for THEM for SIX MONTHS. Site wide is 3-ish months. CR needs to get its act together soon.
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