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Posted 3/20/19 , edited 3/21/19
Hi everyone, so today I was watching the rising of the shield hero ep 11 and it was fine, then I tried to watch episode 11 of my roommate is a cat that was supposed to be a ailable 10 hours ago, but the episode doesn't appear, in the list it's only up to the episode 10, I only have the problem with that anime, does anyone have the same issue? I use a ps4 in the web of crunchyroll it works fine
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Posted 3/20/19 , edited 3/20/19
I have had it happen where the new episode for a series didn't show in the queue, but was showing on the main page under "now showing". I've gotten used to checking the queue before clicking on the one in "now showing". Have skipped episodes because of that.

Edit: Should have also said that I watch on my laptop using chrome.
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