PS4 app skips last second

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Posted 4/5/19 , edited 4/6/19
It's usually not an issue, but sometimes it is. The very last second is cut since the last update. It's obviously better than the previous update the broke everything, but that very last second skip is really annoying on some anime.
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Posted 4/25/19 , edited 4/26/19
I agree & also wish you could turn off the autoplay all together as that's whats causing this. It's been years, since I've used it, so I forgot this happened & I'm baffled at how bad the app still is currently. It's so bad that I don't feel like ever subbing on CR again as I mainly watched on PS4 & no longer have a pc. I feel the guest pass I recently got is being wasted thanks to this as I can't properly watch an anime episode untill the end as the sudden cutoff is extremely annoying & frustrating.
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