Have not gotten the MunchPak email.

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Posted 4/15/19 , edited 7/9/19
I have not my email with the MunchPak Url in it and my free trail for the super fan pack ended a week ago and i payed the fee to continue the premium membership.
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Posted 4/22/19 , edited 4/23/19
I am 4 months in and have not received it either. I made my own post and would also like to know why I have not received the email as well.
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Posted 4/28/19 , edited 4/28/19
i sent a email and the only thing i have been told so far is that they pushed it up to a specialist.
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Posted 5/17/19 , edited 5/17/19
im also having this issue and im part of the super fan pack just yesterday my free trial ended 15th but i figure they would be a day late to give the coupon nope just dont have it yet and i really like to know why
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Posted 7/10/19 , edited 7/10/19
Can't we sue Crunchyroll for false advertisement? I have been contacting and emailing about it for a long time. I still have not received my Munchpak after my first payment. It seems that I am not the only person.
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Posted 7/23/19 , edited 7/24/19
I contacted munchpak themselves and have yet to receive a response about this situation
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Posted 8/18/19 , edited 8/19/19
This is what i got form them after sending a few emails

Nick N. (Crunchyroll)

Jul 10, 4:45 PM PDT

Hi zdogjr2,

Thank you for writing.

With your Super Fan Pack subscription you will always get everything on Crunchyroll and VRV. The other subscription services you will have access to at launch will include ANiUTa, Utomik, and (if you subscribe for 3 months at this level) a sample from Munchpak and a swag bag from RightStuf.

If you haven't already, check out our super fan pack FAQ here:

If you should have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.


Nick N.

Customer Service/eCom

IT's currently 8/18/2019 and i have still not got my two codes but i did get the swag bag
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