CS GO want to join me?

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Posted 7/2/19 , edited 7/2/19

I just started playing CS GO i am a newb but I am looking for people to play with... If you want to play add me on steam my user name is NervZero or you can add me on discord NervZero #1028
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Posted 8/10/19 , edited 8/10/19
Yo, if you're from the UK than we can play. Look for Koyakami and it will show with a smiley on the end too, and from the UK.

Not at my pc at the moment to add you.
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Posted 6/7/20 , edited 6/8/20
I would like to play with you. csgo is my favorite game ! I am really looking for some high skilled teammates, because I am always sucking in this game I want to raise my rank so badly, but I just can't do that because of bad teammates and cheaters ! I need someone that would help me boost my rank. I will get my rank boosted anyway, because I know a really nice boosting service http://eloboss.net/csgo-boost . I just wanna do it by myself, but if I fail, I will definitely use that service, because it's cheap and very effective !
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Posted 7/10/20 , edited 7/10/20
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