ANIME EXPO 2019 Experience , the Good and the Bad

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the South Bayer
Posted 7/8/19 , edited 7/9/19
Well I am curious for those here in CR who attended , how was your experience at the Anime Expo.

I have been going to AX for over 15 years and lately am starting to get stressed out as AX is very near I use to enjoy getting autographs from Guests of Honors because you get to meet them .Cosplaying .Attending panels of your favorite show or guests.There was a meet and greet that I enjoyed the most that AX no longer has.

But my anxiety goes down as I accept the fact and don't care about autographs anymore but now I really hated the crowds more and more.
Another annoyance are the very long lines but thanks goodness of my ADA status, it wasn't too bad,There were confusion everyday since staff changes every day .Parking is a mess if you show up later than 8 am so i had to leave the house between 7 and 730

But on the flipside, I was at seiyuu Mamuro Miyano panels and I was at the front. It was the most fun since he is pretty goofy. I always adored this seiyuu and he thanked the audience for recognizing his work with Death Note..

the second was I get to watch composer mucisian Yoshihiro Ike perform his music with an orchestra from the anime Tiger and Bunny , Dororo and all the CyGames work he has done. And I was at the front.It was amazing

So how was your AX 2019.

ps in past couple years , its either something bad happens to my car or I get a ticket this year my transponder was on the floor at the last day as i went home

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M / California
Posted 7/8/19 , edited 7/8/19
I had a great experience , drove back and fourth with a coffee in hand , got there before 8 am and the AX app help me with my what panels and shows I wanted to go ,

Went all 4 days , saw an AMVs , my favorites was the comedy and the bonus videos lol , attend the masqaraude it was amazing and hero academia dance squad was awesome , great show and lot of fun

I did miss out on few panels I wants to attend that was the hero academia and the Gundam panels , but I go to the sailor moon , that one was fun and went to SAO panel that was a lot of fun for me and ,

The music orchestra on Sunday was amazing , the music is fantastic

Got to eat a lot of food , and tried the smash burger that was awesome and had a few beers with the locals too lol

The karaoke was a lot of fun too , beside being an earthquake , I thought we all was rocking the show lol nope it was the earthquake lol

Bought some cool stuff and running on 4 to 5 hours sleep
It was worth it ^__^Y
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Posted 7/9/19 , edited 7/10/19
I also attended Anime Expo this year. Albeit, I only got to attend Thursday due to my schedule. Usually I'd go for 3-4 days. Overall, I had good time and looking forward to going again next year.

Let's start with the Bad:

Lack of volunteers or official personnel - Even compared to other years, it felt like there was a severe lack of personnel. On Thursday, I lined for 3 or so hours to get inside, from the side entrance. For the first 1-1/2 hour, I didn't see an official personnel directing lines or telling people where to queue up. There were multiple lines but when I asked people which line they were in, most people weren't sure and just followed someone else. Eventually some volunteers came in. But then different volunteers give conflicting directions. They merged different lines together and people who were behind me by 30 minutes were somehow in front or vice-versa.

Another thing is that there wasn't a big announcement about the different lines. There were lines for weapon check, people with bags, and people with no bags. If they just had volunteers telling the people without bags about their particular line, then that would have saved hours of lining up for all parties.

Lack of crowd control - Ditto for lining up, but issues were also prevalent in popular areas like the Artist Alley. The picture below shows how congested (and how much of a safety hazard) it is after the early hours:

Then there's the Good:

Artist Alley - I spent the bulk of my day in the Artist Alley. I was fortunate enough to get in relatively early (around 1:00 PM or so) before the bulk of attendees got through the entry lines. At that times, Artist Alley was about 25% filled with traffic. Each hour added another 25% traffic. By 4:30 PM or so, Artist Alley traffic slowed to a crawl; like the picture above.

However, I was jazzed to actually go over every single table. There were lots of amazing art. It was awesome to talk to the artists, especially when we talked about the particular scenes that they drew. I bought 14 beautiful prints from Kaori Miyazono, to Natsume and the Tree Spirit (my favorite print from AX 2019), Pitou, Ghibli Films, Zelda, etc. I would have bought more, but thankfully I stuck to my budget. There were also art of series I haven't watched but intrigued me like Kill la Kill or those neon K/DA Akali prints.

Little Tokyo - While technically not part of AX, it was where many people (who attended AX) chose to hang out after leaving the convention center. I liked the food there. Plus, I saw numerous cosplayers walking about; Little Tokyo was a sweet canvas to take cosplay photos.
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