Otakuthon 2019 and/or CR Canada Con rep

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Posted 8/20/19 , edited 8/21/19

Please feel free to move this to another section if this post shouldn't be here. I was at Otakuthon this past weekend in Montreal and there was a Crunchyroll booth. Which, btw, felt good, because they weren't there last year and I love nerding out with the CR Canada rep. Anyway, the booth had a bunch of episodes rolling on a screen. I talked with the CR Canada con rep who I've talked with before (he's awesome btw, CR, good work on hiring him), and I never got his name. He apparently does all the cons in Canada where there is a CR booth. Also, I was wondering if there was a way to get the name of the animes from the playlist at the booth. Some of them have piqued my curiosity and unfortunately, I could never sit there long/early enough to get some of the titles. So if anyone knows either the titles in the playlist from the con, or a way to contact the guy from the booth, I would be eternally grateful. I need new anime shows to add to my eternal and infinite watch list. Thanks!
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