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Posted 9/21/19 , edited 9/21/19
Does anyone know any good manga, something that isnt too shounen.
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Posted 9/21/19 , edited 9/22/19
What genre(s) are you interested in? Is there anything in particular that would put you off reading something?
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Posted 9/23/19 , edited 9/23/19
Right now I'm reading:

Shounen Shoujo
Goodnight Punpun

Tokyo Ghoul
The Promised Neverland (I know you said no shounen but this one kind of twist the shounen genre into something a bit alternative, it's worth it)

Some other stuff:

Anything by Inio Asano is worth reading, he's really good.
A Silent Voice (read it a few years ago, amazing)
Orange (it was ok)

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