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Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia TV Discussion

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Posted 12 hours ago , edited 12 hours ago
Whoa great episode, finally Ushiwakamaru in action (though not enough IMO) Merlin and Ana "come out" as immortals and give lots of ominous foreshadowing, Enkidu goes full on Villain slaughtering a town and rips a new hole into Ana and then we get Tiamat, yikes. Looks like the beginning of this episode was the last quiet SOL stuff we'll get as the story has kicked into next gear. Should be great

And of course there was no lack of crotches either

funny how the guy's hands cover up but not Mash's

Nice seeing Ushi in action, but kind of disappointing most of her action was long shots

Of course the real star was Ana, I am continuously surprised at the effort (and creativity in the angles to show crotches) that is put into these action shots that you really can't see unless you go frame by frame because the action is so fast

I mean seriously have you ever seen a character drawn in this position?

One last for Mash

and Damn what are those "Grand Teton" cups?
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